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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Welcome You to the Paldea Region

Welcome to Paldea, a sprawling land of vast open spaces — dotted with lakes, towering peaks, wastelands, and perilous mountain ranges.

Pokemon Presents Coming Wednesday at 6AM PST Featuring Updates on Scarlet and Violet

Tune in at 6a PST on August 3rd for a video presentation with updates on Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet!

First Pokemon Snap Game Coming to Nintendo Switch on June 24

More than 20 years later, fans can once again relive the classic experience of the cherished N64 title.

Everything We Know about Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet

An all-new adventure in an open-world environment is coming at the end of this year.

Scyther to get New Regional Evolution in ‘Pokemon Legends Arceus’

Get the details on special Pokémon and find out what else you’ll encounter during your journey through the Hisui region!

Duskull is Your October 2021 Community Day Pokemon

Get ready for the spookiest month of the year!

Oshawott is Your September Community Day Pokemon

The 'Sea Otter Pokemon' from Unova is getting its shiny debut on September 19th.

Everything We Know, Like, and Don’t About ‘Pokemon Legends: Arceus’ After the Recent Pokemon Presents Event

Newly discovered Pokémon, regional forms, and gameplay features are coming. But will that be enough to please fans?

Live-Action Pokemon Series Coming to Netflix

Lucifer co-showrunner Joe Henderson is currently writing the project, which is still in very early development.

Eevee is Your August 2021 Community Day Pokemon

Eevee is returning as your featured Pokemon for Community Day next month in the popular mobile game.

‘New Pokémon Snap’ to be Released this April for the Nintendo Switch

Anyone else getting strong Pokemon Snap nostalgia?

Niantic has Announced a ‘Pokemon Go’ Kanto Tour Event for Pokemon’s 25th Anniversary

With the 25th anniversary of Pokemon arriving in February 2021, Niantic has announced it will be celebrating the momentous occasion with a very special in-game event. For just one day on February 20, the studio will host the Kanto Tour which includes Research tasks and all of the original...

Pokemon Pixel Artist Spends Over 2 Months Colorizing All 151 Original Red and Blue Version Sprites

Pokemon Red and Blue first debuted over 30 years ago in North America. During that time we have not only seen many Pokemon evolve within the games, but the games own evolution as well. And every now and again we like to go back and revisit the classic first-generation...

New Pokemon Snap Game Announced for Nintendo Switch

I can't express my level of excitement, as it was just announced earlier during this morning's #PokemonPresents event that a brand new Pokemon Snap title is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Aptly named 'New Pokemon Snap' this photography game inspired by the N64 classic will take full advantage of...

15 Years Ago Today, Pokemon Emerald Was Released in NA- Celebrate by Revisting Hoenn

15 years ago today, my favorite Pokemon game of all time was released. And while Hoenn, as a region, was available to us a couple years earlier in Sapphire and Ruby, Emerald did it best. Join me as I play through the game from start to finish while providing...

Canceled First Gen Pokemon “Pink Version” Leaked, Featured Female Player and Clefairy Companion

Earlier this month, the source code for Pokemon Yellow version leaked on 4chan, revealing an early concept for a proposed companion title featuring Clefairy. This leaked first-gen game, coined 'Pokemon Pink Version', also featured a female playable character in the lead with Clefairy as their starter that followed the...

An Animal Crossing Player Has Remade The Entire Johto Region from Pokemon Gold and Silver

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game that has taken the world by storm. My friends won't stop begging me to get it and while I am still not entirely convinced this game is for me, I have to admit that I am constantly impressed by the creativity of...

UPDATED: Pokemon GO Confirms Genesect is Coming in ‘Ticketed Research’ Event

UPDATED on 3/12/20 at 1:10p PST: Genesect Confirmed! https://twitter.com/PokemonGoApp/status/1238194789411172353 __________ Original Story: | Pokemon GO Teases Mythical Pokemon Fossil in Latest Twitter Post Earlier today, the official Pokemon GO Twitter account posted an interesting image of what appears to be some 'mythical' fossilized footprints in a teaser that suggests a new Pokemon is going...

Netflix’s Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution is a Joyless Unnecessary Remake Devoid of Fun

Remakes are unavoidable. If something was popular in the past, Hollywood will find a way to cash-in on it in the modern, present-day. And, for whatever reason, Netflix and the powers that be decided that the 1998 original film, Pokemon: The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back needed to be...

Pokemon GO: Darkrai Returns to Raids, Added as Rank 4 Battle League Reward, Shiny Available

https://youtu.be/1rGtqqbR_pE The Pokemon GO Battle League is something that very few people I know actually play. In fact, I don't know anyone that plays. That said, I now have a reason to... If you play enough Battle League to reach Rank 4, you will have the opportunity to run into Darkrai,...

Pokemon GO: March Community Day to Feature Abra

If you play Pokemon GO, chances are you have been waiting for this day for a long time. So unless you were one of the lucky ones who attended Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago last June, where players ran into shiny Abra accidentally instead of the intended shiny Horesa...

Mewtwo Available to Battle in Sword and Shield Max Raids, But You Can’t Catch It…

Today is Pokemon day, and that means there are all sorts of goodies waiting for players in Pokemon GO and Sword and Shield, the latter of which just received a brand new Legendary challenge in Max Raids. That's right, Mewtwo is available to battle against at a mere level...

Meet Zarude, a New Mythical “Rogue Monkey” Pokémon

Today is Pokemon day, and that means there are all sorts of goodies waiting for players in Pokemon GO and Sword and Shield, the latter of which just received a brand new Mythical Pokemon. Meet Zarude in this reveal trailer from the official Pokemon YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/eiHKsWI2WsQ As it stands, we...

Greninja is Your 2020 Pokemon of the Year

Today is Pokemon day, and that means there are all sorts of goodies waiting for players in Pokemon GO and Sword and Shield. Outside of the games, a decision was being made for 'Pokemon of the Year'. Across the globe, millions of Pokemon fans have voted for their choice for 'Pokemon...

Justice Smith Hasn’t Been Told Anything Regarding a Detective Pikachu Sequel

Justice Smith, star of Detective Pikachu, recently sat down with ComingSoon.net to discuss and promote All the Bright Things, a Netflix-exclusive drama, along with co-star Elle Fanning. During their interview, the topic of a Detective Pikachu sequel came up and Smith was quick to say he knows nothing about...

Funko Reveals Another Wave of Pokemon POP! Vinyls with Growlithe, Cubone, Rattata, Pikachu

Funko has revealed four new Pokemon POP! vinyls that you can pre-order and add to your collection.

Pokemon GO Valentine’s Event to Feature Luvdisc, Chansey, and More Through Feb 17th

Pokemon GO fans will get the chance to catch a handful of lovely pink Pokemon along with their shiny counterparts starting at 8:00am local time on February 14th and will continue until February 17th at 10:00pm local time. Along with unique research tasks and raids, players will encounter Pink Pokemon...

Funko’s Next Wave of Pokemon POP! Vinyls Include Pichu, Mr. Mime, Mewtwo, and Vulpix

If you happen to be a Funko-fanatic and a Pokemon fan, then you are in for a real treat.

Here Are All the Gigantamax Pokemon You Can Encounter Now and in The Isle of Armor Expansion

Gigantamax Pokemon can be rather rare to come across in the wild. Whether it be through Raids or Trades, they certainly are a delight to encounter and catch (or receive). However, there may be even more out there than you realize. With the upcoming expansions, a brand new assortment of...

Pokemon Clones from ‘Mewtwo Strikes Back’ are Coming to Pokemon GO Along with Armored Mewtwo

National Pokemon Day, the day that commemorates the release of the Red and Green version games in Japan, is on February 27th and to celebrate, Pokemon GO is having a new in-game event. From February 25 to March 2, players worldwide will be able to get their hands on...

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Rick and Morty Season 6 Trailer is Full of Action, Mayhem, and Ozzy – Release Date Revealed

This one is for the Die Hards. Rick and Morty season 6 returns starting September 4 on [adult swim].

Harry Potter Open-World RPG ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Delayed to 2023

Fans looking forward to the open-world wizarding RPG will have to wait even longer until it releases this next February.

Gohan is Once Again a Badass in ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ – Our Review

Featuring Piccolo and Gohan, the twenty-first Dragon Ball feature film is second only to 2018's Broly.