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EA Refutes Rumors of Dead Space 2 Remake Cancellation, Claims it Was Never in Development

Dead Space 2 was allegedly discussed, as was a new entry in the series. But now it seems like the entire franchise is on hold due to focus on other projects.

Get Your First Look at Liam Hemsworth in ‘The Witcher’ Season 4 Teaser

Netflix reveals Liam Hemsworth as the new Geralt in "The Witcher" Season 4, replacing Henry Cavill notoriously amid creative differences.

Everything You Need to Know About Importing ROMs and Save Files into Delta for iOS

Here is everything you need to know about importing ROMs and Save File data into iOS emulator Delta.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door – Our Review

Despite some tedious backtracking and slow combat, The Thousand-Year Door for Switch remains a standout with quirky charm.

Kingdom Hearts Franchise Comes to Steam June 13th

After many months of being an Epic Games exclusive, the Kingdom Hearts franchise makes its way to Steam next month.

Ubisoft Unveils ‘Assassin’s Creed Shadows’, with Dual Protagonists Set in Feudal Japan

Ubisoft announces Assassin's Creed Shadows, featuring dual protagonists in feudal Japan.

Dead by Daylight Spinoff ‘The Casting of Frank Stone’ Gets First Gameplay Trailer

Set in the 'Dead by Daylight' universe, Supermassive Games unveils gameplay trailer for 'The Casting of Frank Stone'.

Some “Switch 2” Console Specs and Details Have Allegedly Leaked

New leaks from the /r/GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit suggest potential tech specs for the Nintendo Switch 2.

Nintendo President Announces Switch “Successor” Console Reveal Coming Soon

The President of Nintendo has announced the successor to the Switch will be revealed within the fiscal year.

Microsoft Announces Closure of Arkane Austin, Tango Gameworks, Additional Studios

Microsoft has disclosed plans to discontinue operations at four game development studios, including Redfall dev, Arkane Austin.

Remedy Entertainment Provides Dev Updates on Control 2, Spin-Off, and More

The report reveals information on the current financial status of the studio and outlines the development process of several highly awaited projects.

Bungie Releases ‘Journey into The Traveler’ Trailer, Featuring More Cayde-6

Journey into The Pale Heart of the Traveler, where paradise has been twisted into corruption. Stop the Witness before it's too late.

Amidst Final Shape Talk, Leaker Reveals Bungie is Working on Destiny 3, Codename “Payback”

Destiny 3 is likely in development and a leaker has shared some supposed details on what players can exepect.

Take-Two Interactive Acquires Gearbox Software for $460 Million

Take-Two Interactive's $460 million acquisition of Gearbox Software solidifies support for Borderlands and other franchises, reinforcing their commitment to quality gaming.

Next Major Resident Evil Title Rumored to Be “Open World”

Capcom has not confirmed or set any expectations on the next major Resident Evil title. But it could be bigger than you think...

Leaked Trailer Reveals Cancelled Multiplayer Spider-Man Game: The Great Web

A five-player Spider-Man game, possibly live-service, had a proof of concept but was seemingly cancelled before its webs got off the ground.

Pokemon Presents Event Reveals ‘Pokemon Legends Z-A’ With the Return of Mega Evolutions

A brand-new pair of games are coming in 2025, which will see the return of Mega Evolutions!

Borderlands Movie Gets First Official Trailer

The first official trailer for Borderlands has here and it does little to capture the magic of the incredible video game franchise.

Borderlands Movie Gets Character Poster, First Screenshots – Looks Terrible

The upcoming Borderlands movie seems it wants to fail ahead of release, with some of the worst casting we have ever seen.

Knuckles The Series, Starting Idris Elba, Gets First Official Trailer

Coming exclusively to Paramount+ this April 27th, the series takes place between Sonic 2 and Sonic 3.