Pokemon Company Releases Cherish Ball Replica from The Wand Company

This new capture ball replica will look great among your other Pokemon goodies!



The official Pokemon Center website has just debuted another incredible Pokemon capture ball replica from The Wand Company in the form of the Cherish Ball. This fully detailed, and brilliantly designed Cherish Ball is easily one of the coolest they have made to date (more on that in a minute). Take a look at this stunning- okay, we get it, it’s not a Kay Jeweler’s diamond, but still. Look at it.

Pokemon Center | The Wand Company
Pokemon Center | The Wand Company

An Accurate, Detailed Die-Cast Replica

Introduced in the Sinnoh region in the Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl video games, the Cherish Ball is a unique type of Poké Ball that’s always given to Trainers containing a special event Pokémon. Now this useful item for Pokémon Trainers can be yours with this premium-quality replica from The Wand Company. Featuring touch- and proximity-sensing technology, the front button illuminates in response to nearby motion and becomes brighter when the Cherish Ball is touched. For an extra touch of interactivity, pressing the button initiates a Pokémon-catching light sequence. This die-cast metal replica comes with an illuminated display case featuring the Pokémon logo, along with a display ring that lets you show off the Cherish Ball on its own.

  • Includes Cherish Ball, matte black display case with polished Poké Ball icon on the lid, polished stainless steel display ring (hidden in the bottom of the display case), illustrated manual, 3 AA batteries installed in the display case, and 3 AAA batteries installed inside the Heal Ball
  • Cherish Ball measures nearly 3 inches (75 mm) in diameter—based on its actual size within the world of Pokémon
  • Detailed, die-cast metal shell with a high-gloss lacquer finish
  • Touch- and proximity-sensing technology with illumination
  • Can be displayed in the presentation display case or separately on the included display ring
  • Officially licensed by The Pokémon Company International and made by The Wand Company

The Wand Company is probably best known for their articulate and detailed capture ball replicas, of which there are quite a few now. Fans looking for more replicas to choose from will be happy to know that they can pick up a Poké Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Dusk Ball, Quick Ball, Heal Ball, and or a Friend Ball from the site to add to their collections for just $99. Sadly, the Master Ball was a special edition made exclusively for the UK (I actually managed to order one through a friend that lives there). Originally, when they first released, a number of “Limited Edition” Master Balls went up for sale in North America but those quickly sold out and now are only available in the UK as a “Special Edition”.

If you are interested in picking one of these up, head on over to the official PokemonCenter.com website today!

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