Pokemon Presents Event Reveals ‘Pokemon Legends Z-A’ With the Return of Mega Evolutions

The return of Mega Evolutions will be a literal game changer.



February 27th is Pokemon Day, the same date Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green were first released in Japan. To celebrate, the Pokemon Company announced a bunch of new goodies coming including Pokemon Legends Z and Pokemon Legends A, which release simultaneously in 2025. Check out the teaser below and be sure to wait until the very end to see the teaser for the return of Mega Evolutions!

Mega Evolutions have been a fan favorite “gimmick” or feature in Pokemon games since their debut in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. They have appeared in a handful of games since then but have remained absent from core mainline games, specifically in recent generations, despite fans demanding their return. And now, it seems that the Pokemon Company, Nintendo, and or Game Freak (or some combination of the aforementioned) has decided to make it happen.

We didn’t see anything in the way of gameplay for Legends Z-A nor do we have any idea on what to expect in terms of visuals, though we hope the games are far more polished than what we have gotten recently in Legends: Arceus and Scarlet and Violet. But, let’s not get our hopes up.

The entire presentation is just under 13 minutes in length and sees a bunch of other goodies but no doubt fans will be most hyped for Legends Z-A. For the full 12m47s presentation, checkout the video below.

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