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Cayde-6 Not Making it to Fortnite May Feel Like a Missed Opportunity, but There’s Hope

Cayde-6 not being included in the Fortnite x Destiny 2 collab could have been intentional in order to sell other skins first.

King’s Fall Raid is Back in Destiny 2: Season of Plunder – Watch the Trailer Here

The King retakes his throne... King’s Fall opens on August 26, 2022.

Destiny 2 Season of Plunder Begins Today! Check Out the Announcement Trailer

Engage in ship-to-ship combat to stop Eramis and her pirate crew from wreaking chaos across the galaxy.

Destiny 2: Lightfall Reveal Trailer Shows New Subclass in Action, Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

The upcoming Lightfall expansion looks to be the wildest time the Destiny franchise has ever seen.

Destiny 2: The Light and Darkness Saga – Destiny Calls

Our story began long ago but the ending is not written yet.

Fortnite-Themed Armor Sets Coming to Destiny 2 Eververse Store

The recent leaks of a Fortnite x Destiny collab may have been backwards.

Destiny 2 Season 18 Title and Theme Revealed, Next Returning Raid Confirmed

The next returning Destiny 1 raid coming to Destiny 2 is one that will surely excite fans.

Rumor: Fortnite’s Next Big Collabs Will Include Destiny 2, Doom, Family Guy, and Lord of the Rings

Move over, Dragon Ball Super. Looks like Fortnite has some huge collaborations on the way.

Bungie is Bringing the Thunder in Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 Update

Bungie opens up about their third and final Light Subclass getting the 3.0 treatment.

Destiny 2 Leaks: New Location, New Ally Alien Race, More Details on “Strand/Vapour” Subclass

A credible leaker has provided more details on what we can expect in the upcoming 18th season of Destiny 2 and beyond.

Destiny 2 “Vapour” Green Fifth Subclass May Have Leaked

A possible fifth subclass is on its way and a Bungie artist may have accidentally spilled the beans about it.

Destiny 2 Expansion ‘Lightfall’ Reveal Expected This August in Bungie’s Showcase Event

Destiny 2's 18th season lines up perfectly for some potentially major reveals of Lightfall in an upcoming showcase.

Bungie Reveals Savathûn for Upcoming Destiny 2 Expansion ‘The Witch Queen’

"The truth is a funny thing..."

Leak Confirms Destiny 2’s New ‘Season of the Lost’ Title Featuring Mara Sov

The queen of the Awoken is back in the 15th season of Destiny 2.

Bungie Confirms Cross-Play is Coming to ‘Destiny 2’ in 2021

It's about damn time.

Destiny 2’s Upcoming ‘Season of the Worthy’ Just Got a Fresh new Gameplay Trailer

Are you worthy? Are you even still playing?

Destiny’s Fractaline Goal Has Been Reached – Trials of Osiris Returning

Trials is coming back to Destiny, but with a few changes fans of the original will recognize. After a painstaking donation process in D2's...

This Destiny Concept Art Shows a “Buried Giant” in the Sands of a Red Planet

Bungie concept artist Dorje Bellbrook has an incredible portfolio featuring some amazing and unused Destiny concepts.

Destiny ‘Season of Dawn’ Sees the Return of Saint-14, Osiris, and Sparrows Finally on Mercury

Season 9, the 'Season of Dawn' is all about the return to Mercury and righting some wrongs with a fractured timeline.

Destiny is Getting an Official Cookbook… For Some Reason

Destiny game developer (and publisher) is releasing a new cookbook inspired by the world of their looter-shooter.