Togetic is Your April 2023 Community Day Pokemon

Along with an increased chance of shiny Togepi from 2KM eggs.



Next month, Pokemon GO players will have a chance at running into Togetic more often in the wild with increased shiny odds. On April 15th, your chances of running into a shiny Togetic are looking good but what’s even better, are the increased chances of shiny Togepi, which only comes from eggs rather than appearing in the wild.

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The thing with most Community Day events is that the Pokemon featured in these three-hour windows are more often the base forms, or starting point in their unevolved forms, rather than appearing as a form further down their evolutionary line (we wouldn’t likely see a Charmeleon or Charizard Community Day as opposed to say, a Charmander Community Day). But those with “baby” Pokemon are the exception. As babies are born only from eggs, such as Togepi, Pichu, Elekid, etc., the only way to obtain them is randomly through walking however many kilometers are necessary to hatch an egg with the hopes of getting the baby you want. And since there is no breeding guarantee as to what Pokemon appear from eggs (at least in PoGO), you can imagine the chances of a shiny baby being forever against your favor. But there is hope!

The good news is when a Community Day rolls around that involves a Pokemon that has a baby form, the eggs you hatch will contain the same shiny odds as those of its evolved form appearing in the wild. And we know from the infographic above that, in the case of Togepi, they will come from the green 2KM eggs that are fairly frequently and easily obtained. The only issue is, this only applies to eggs obtained in and during the event, and without any means of removing eggs already occupying your inventory, there is no swift way to clear them out without buying a bunch of incubators and hatching them all beforehand so you can stock up on Togepi 2KM eggs. So you are probably better off hatching them all a couple of hours before the event while staving off any desire to spin any PokeStops or opening any gifts to avoid receiving non-Togepi eggs.

In any case, those who have been pining to get a shiny Togepi are still in luck as this will no doubt be the best time to obtain one, though you still need luck on your side as the chances, while increased, are still random. Your eggs will likely have a 1/20 chance of being shiny so you had better dust your sneakers/trainers off as you will have to do some serious walking for that shiny.

Pokemon GO Community Day featuring Togetic stats on April 15th at local time.

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