#PokemonPresents on Feb 27th, Teasing Gen One GameBoy Music

The next Pokemon Presents event is teasing Gen I with classic GameBoy music.



Early yesterday, the official Pokemon Twitter account posted that another Pokemon Presents event is right around the corner, next week, in fact. To celebrate Pokemon Day, an announcement of things to come is set to take place at 6:00a PST on February 27th, which is pretty much all we know about it so far. Save for a curious music choice in the teaser video.

Take a look:


The above is all we have to go on but notice that the animation at the beginning of the video with the swirl of Pokemon features the first couple of dozen monsters from the Kanto ‘Dex. Additionally, the music chosen for this teaser is specific to that of Red and Blue Version from Gen I (note that Yellow Version had a distinctive ‘Pik-A-chu’ line that followed the music).

We have no idea what this means just yet but many are assuming that Gen I will get some sort of focus but beyond that is anyone’s guess. We aren’t even going to speculate from there but the good news is, we won’t have long to find out what this means. Fingers crossed that it’s something worthy of our time and attention and not just an announcement of a new Weedle plushie or something underwhelming of the sort.

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