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Dragon Ball Z Fortnite Collab Confirmed According to Credible Leaker

Looks like fans will be able to drop into the island as their favorite Dragon Ball characters after all.

Morty, Bad Boys’ Mike Lowrey (Will Smith), and More Leaked Skins Coming to Fornite

More and more collabs between Fortnite and popular franchises continue to reveal themselves. Hopefully, we get a Mr. Poopy Butthole skin soon.

Street Fighter’s Cammy and Guile are Coming to Fortnite

Sadly, no Bison. But we were totally right about Cammy. *golf clap*

Fortnite Teases Another Street Fighter Crossover With 2 New Challengers

We are hoping for Cammy and M. Bison but just who is coming to the island is anyone's guess.

Terminator-Themed Content Likely Coming to Fortnite

Perhaps a Sarah Connor skin will be released as well?

Halo’s Master Chief and God of War’s Kratos are Coming to Fornite

Thanks to a leaked PlayStation 5 ad on Twitter it's been confirmed that the god of war himself is coming to Fortnite. While there...

Fortnite Logan Style Wolverine Skin Now Available

This season in Fortnite is all about the Marvel takeover, and one of the more coveted skins is that of none other than Mr....

Fortnite Needs to do a Crossover with the Power Rangers and the Ninja Turtles (UPDATED)

UPDATE (DECEMBER 7th, 2023): Well, we got our wish for TMNT. Now we just have to hold out hope that rumors circulating around that...

Fortnite Adds DareDevil Skin and You Can Earn it for Free Before it Hits the Shop

Fortnite is not slowing down with its Marvel partnership, as a brand new in-game event called the 'DareDevil Cup' is kicking off this Wednesday...

Deadpool is Coming to Fortnite with Unique Challenges and Fun Marvel References

In the past, characters like Batman, John Wick, Stormtroopers, etc. were all cosmetic skins you had to fork over additional V-Bucks for if you...

Fortnite x Borderlands Crossover Event Features Claptrap, Borderlands-Style Graphics, and More!

Fortnite has had its share of crazy, unexpected crossovers- from John Wick to Stranger Things, nothing really made sense in the ways in which...

Fortnite X John Wick: Wick’s Bounty Trailer Arrives, John Wick Skin Available Now for 2,000 V-BUCKS

The Fortnite X John Wick's Bounty trailer just dropped, and it looks pretty damn awesome. The trailer, which you can watch for yourself- unless...

John Wick Limited Time Mode/Event Allegedly Coming to Fortnite

A Fornite dataminer and leaker by the handle of Lucas7yoshi_ has shared some interesting details about an upcoming event within Fortnite. Apparently, John Wick...

Fortnite Season 9 is Here, and it Looks to be One of the Craziest Seasons Yet

Fortnite has evolved season over season into a massive chaotic style of gameplay with unique equipment and weapons to help you reach the Victory...

Avengers Assemble, Thanos is coming to Fortnite!

Right now, Avengers: Infinity War is dominating in theaters all over the world and just might break $2 billion if it keeps it up. With...