Morty, Bad Boys’ Mike Lowrey (Will Smith), and More Leaked Skins Coming to Fornite

More and more collabs between Fortnite and popular franchises continue to reveal themselves. Hopefully, we get a Mr. Poopy Butthole skin soon.



Fortnite is dominating the world of the so-called ‘Metaverse’ with its frequent and constant collaborations with some of the entertainment industry’s most recognizable faces and franchises. From Marvel to DC, from Halo to God of War, to Ariana Grande to Marshmello, there really is no franchise that is unreachable from Fortnite’s grasp. Now, it seems through some leaks, we have a handful of new characters joining the Battle Royale juggernaut.

Earlier this week, a handful of data-miners and leakers discovered that Morty Smith from Rick and Morty will be showing up to the island in what appears to be a mech suit. Since his grandfather Rick Sanchez is already on the island, it makes sense that Morty would eventually arrive to join in on the fight.

Morty isn’t the only Smith showing up to the island as Bad Boys character Mike Lowrey, played by Fresh Prince star Will Smith, is also jumping in on the action. No telling whether or not Martin Lawrence’s Marcus Burnett will appear alongside him but we do know that a friend of “Guggimon” (whatever the hell that is) named “Janky” will also be available for purchase (or to earn through a Battle Pass) at some point as well.

These aren’t likely to be all the skins coming to Fortnite in the immediate future as rumors have been going nuts on just who else will be available in the game which expands the Metaverse extensively each and every time the game does so. Not familiar with the Metaverse? We don’t blame you as the subject is one that is constantly being expanded on and looked at under a microscope but here is the gist of what we can gather-

If you ever saw Steven Spielberg’s relatively recent film ‘Ready Player One’ then you already have seen what the Metaverse is like. Basically, it takes the form of an online interactive experience where gamers come together to experience a common online and digital existence. Want to go to a digital shopping mall dressed as Deadpool while your friends appear as Wolverine and Chewbacca? That is basically the Metaverse. Want to pop in on an online-only Ariana Grande concert dressed as a gingerbread man while your friends are dressed as stormtroopers? That is basically the Metaverse.

Yeah, we don’t really get it either so perhaps it’s best if we just stick to shooting people in Battle Royale games while dressed as Rick and Morty…

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