Halo’s Master Chief and God of War’s Kratos are Coming to Fornite

Every time a new chapter or season in Fortnite begins you can expect leaks to follow not too far behind. But two rather large leaks within hours of one another? That's new.



Thanks to a leaked PlayStation 5 ad on Twitter it’s been confirmed that the god of war himself is coming to Fortnite. While there are no details as to when the skin will be released, we’re certain he’ll hit the store within a month at least.

But the Kratos isn’t the only new character coming to the most popular battle royale. According to Twitter user @ShiinaBR, Master Chief will also be joining the list of ‘hunters’ in Fornite‘s latest chapter. There’s no word on whether or not Cortana will be making an appearance but we’d be willing to bet she’ll be a back bling option, an emote, or an interaction that you can buy in the store. You can check out @ShiinaBR’s leak below.

Epic has shaken things up in the latest season/chapter following the events involving Galactus. The map has been changed again, there are now bounty quests, and one of the main characters in the battle royale’s overarching story has introduced a band of “hunters” from across fandom history which includes the Mandalorian himself. A new subscription service has also been introduced which gives players a V-bucks allowance and several other unique perks.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 is now available for free-to-play on PC and all modern-day consoles.

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