Fortnite Teases Another Street Fighter Crossover With 2 New Challengers

We are hoping for Cammy and M. Bison but just who is coming to the island is anyone's guess.



UPDATE: Called it. Cammy is joining Fortnite. Guile is the other (sad face). Would have preferred Bison but whatever. Here is the official Tweet:


Back in February, Fortnite revealed the first Street Fighter crossover with fan favorites Ryu and Chun-Li. Now, amidst a growing roster of crossovers with franchises from all over the place, it looks like we are getting at least 2 more characters from the popular fighting game.

Earlier today, the official Fortnite Twitter account posted a screenshot of the Street Fighter roster and global map as the Battle Bus crosses through the USA and heads into USSR territory. Take a look for yourself:

It’s hard to say just who will be chosen to join the Fortnite “Metaverse” as it’s being called, though we assume it will likely be at least one male and female. So who will be added as a skin? Well, Cammy is almost a guarantee, in our opinion, since there are no other female options in the roster there. The other male character could be anyone’s guess unless the map in the Tweet above has some sort of hint. That said, we hope for M. Bison as the other. We could be wrong here, but Bison and Cammy would be welcome additions. Zangief or Blanka would also be cool to play as.

Previously, Chun-Li and Ryu were added to the game as these two seem to be among the more common for crossovers also having been added to the Power Rangers brawler game, Battle for the Grid. Since they are arguably among the most popular, it is curious who Epic Games will pick for the next two to join them.

Fortnite isn’t the type of game to tease and leave fans hanging for long. If they Tweeted out today that two new characters were joining the roster, chances are we will find out by the end of the week.

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