Dragon Ball Z Fortnite Collab Confirmed According to Credible Leaker

Looks like fans will be able to drop into the island as their favorite Dragon Ball characters after all.



Ever since it was announced that Epic Games and manga/anime juggernaut Shueisha struck a deal, fans have been foaming at the mouth for their favorite characters to cross over into Fortnite with playable skins and related missions and quests. Naruto being the first major collab with Fortnite, fans hoped that Dragon Ball would be next. Now, according to credible leaker HYPEX, that is definitely happening.


The tweet from HYPEX references something called a “Stamina Capsule” which appears to be a device of Capsule Corp. design, the in-universe business owned and operated by the Brief family. The image above surely looks like a Capsule Corp. capsule and any fan of the series would immediately recognize it as such as it is unmistakable.

HYPEX is known to be a reliable source when it comes to Fortnite leaks and his tweet seems to indicate that Dragon Ball Z is indeed coming to the popular battle royale game, possibly as early as August. This comes in line with the North American debut of the highly anticipated theatrical release of Dragon Ball Super Hero.

Here is a trailer for Super Hero in case you missed it:

The Capsule Corp. capsule technology debuted as early as Dragon Ball, the first series with Goku and friends so we do not know exactly what arc or era the collab will take place in. Could be one of many series that include Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, or god forbid, Dragon Ball GT (jk, we enjoyed that series, too). However, if the collab is meant to promote the upcoming movie, then consider the possibility that the skins and items will reflect that of what takes place in the film such as an adult Gohan, etc.

As for what skins or devices we could expect in the collab? Well, we assume Goku’s Powerpole and Trunks’ sword would make great pickaxes for harvesting materials around the island while the core characters will appear in some degree. We just wonder whether or not Goku would be a different skin than say, Super Saiyan Goku or Super Saiyan 3 or even possibly SS4. Of course, it could be possible that the skins could see an in-game animation such as when Tony Stark applies his armor or Peter Parker puts on the mask.

As of now, there is no timeline or exected window for when this collaboration between Fortnite and Dragon Ball will drop but as we said before, it could be very soon considering the leak was just discovered and we are only a few weeks away from Super Hero playing in theaters. Of course, Epic Games has also been pushed to make collab announcements sooner than expected due to leaks getting out early and forcing their hand to acknowledge it earlier than planned.

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