John Wick Limited Time Mode/Event Allegedly Coming to Fortnite

Epic Games is ramping up their movie partnerships by including a handful of unique in-game event modes and skins.



A Fornite dataminer and leaker by the handle of Lucas7yoshi_ has shared some interesting details about an upcoming event within Fortnite. Apparently, John Wick will be coming to the game mode with new skins, back bling, and more.

But that is not all. Apparently, Halle Berry’s character is getting an in-game skin as well, if the image below is to be believed.

Skins, back bling, these are all really cool. But what about the Limited Time Mode that is being talked about?

According to Eurogamer and the leaked data files from Lucas7yoshi_that gold coin is not just fancy bling, but related to the LTM. Allegedly, the new mode is related to eliminating bounty hunters and gathering tokens. The text that has been datamined along with the above images also details that players will be eliminated up to three times before being “out for good”. The more players you eliminate, the more tokens you gather. The more tokens you gather, the higher up on the scoreboard you will become. If that happens, then you will be marked on the map for other players to hunt down and take you out.

Lucas7yoshi_ shared plenty of additional details including something interesting about the hotel from the movie, the Continental (the safe house for assassins where no one can kill each other). Whether or not the hotel will appear on the map some place has not been made clear.

Bounties tied to the John Wick event have also been uncovered, which Lucas7yoshi_ also shared on his Twitter account:

It should be noted that the John Wick skin and event are not related to the Season 3 skin, Reaper in any way. You will recall during that season that many players referred to Reaper as ‘John Wick’ during matches or live streams, but this is entirely different. As to when the official John Wick skin and event will become available, still remains uncertain. But considering this event lines up with the release of JW3, we should be seeing more official news any day now.

Featured Image Courtesy of @FortniteBR

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