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Thor: Love and Thunder – It Was Okay. Not the Best, Not the Worst – Our Review

Not the greatest MCU film, not even Thor's greatest film, Love and Thunder is still a decent time at the theater.

Uncle Ben is Quite Possibly Still Alive in the MCU

All signs point to Peter's dear old uncle alive and kicking somewhere out there in the MCU.

If Norman and Oscorp Don’t Exist in the MCU, Where did the Spider That Bit Peter Come From?

Perhaps Peter's origin is one that needs delving into after all...

Here is the Best and Easiest Way for Marvel to Introduce the X-Men/Mutants into the MCU

The X-Men have always existed in the MCU. Change my mind.

‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ is Unlike Any Other MCU Film, and That’s a Good Thing – Our Review

Doctor Strange 2 was not what anyone expected but it was all the better for breaking the MCU mold.

The ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Teaser Trailer is Here

Thor certainly went through a weight loss transformation.

Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio Join the Cast of Marvel’s ‘Echo’ for Disney+

Daredevil and Kingpin will return in the new series which is expected to arrive in 2023.

Marvel Studios’ Ms. Marvel Gets a Charmingly Delightful First Trailer

The future is in her hands. Streaming on June 8 exclusively on Disney+.

You Need to Watch Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ on Disney+ Before Multiverse of Madness

What If...? is a must if you are going to catch all the craziness that is coming on May 6th.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Trailer Confirms a HUGE Crossover

The X-Men may finally have their entrance into the MCU when the film debuts this March.

Despite a Star-Studded Cast, Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ Showcases the Worst Directing in the MCU to Date – Our Review

This movie wasn't even worth the wait and watch on Disney+. What a mess.

Official Moon Knight Trailer Shows Off What We Can Expect in Upcoming Disney+ Series

Welcome to chaos. Watch the new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight and start streaming the original series on March 30 on Disney+.

‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ is Fun, Exciting, and Full of Multiverse Madness – Our Review

Plagued with an overwhelming amount of leaks and spoilers, No Way Home is still chock-full of surprises.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige Confirms Charlie Cox is Your Now and Future Daredevil

In a surprise that we didn't see coming, the head of Marvel Studios just flat out confirmed that Charlie Cox is your "man without fear".

New ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Trailer Has Our Jaws on the Floor

This might be the most hyped we have ever been for any movie ever.

X-Men Animated Series is Getting a Sequel Show on Disney+ in 2023

After more than 20 years, they are back, baby!

Marvel Studios Announces 12 New Shows Coming to Disney+ Including Ironheart, Marvel Zombies, Secret Invasion, and More!

A whole wide-range of Marvel super shows are coming to Disney+ and we can't wait.

Marvel Studios Announces “Marvel Zombies” Animated Series Coming to Disney+

Talk about some truly great news. We can't get enough of Marvel Zombies.

Green Goblin Officially Revealed in New ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Poster

We finally have our first look at a classic foe appearing in the upcoming third MCU Spidey movie.

Will Poulter of ‘We’re the Millers’ Meme Fame is Adam Warlock in the MCU

Poulter will be getting a significant payday of his own after the box office numbers come in.