Sam Worthington Would Make a Great Logan/Wolverine in the MCU

Our vote goes to Worthington as the next actor to pick up Jackman's mantle.



If there is one thing fans still want to know, it’s just who has what it takes to replace Hugh Jackman as Logan/Wolverine. And while we still have no clue just how or when the X-Men will be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we often find ourselves discussing just who would take over some of those iconic mutant roles.


With all the chatter lately about Giancarlo Esposito possibly becoming the new Charles Xavier, which we absolutely love, we can’t seem to stop throwing names around of just who could take over as Wolverine. Until Sam Worthington came up and the conversation ended.

Sam Worthington looks like the result of crossbreeding of Hugh Jackman and Ewan McGregor.

I mean, look at him. Sam Worthington is the spitting image of Jackman. Give the guy some spiky hair and sideburns and Wolverine’s iconic beard and you have it. On top of that, Worthington’s voice is almost on par with Jackman’s. Almost.

Worthington, who’s probably most recognizable for his roles in Terminator Salvation, Clash/Wrath of the Titans, and Avatar, is set to appear in Avatar: The Way of Water later this year. Of course, he will mostly be seen almost entirely as a blue cat-thing in the film but at least his voice will shine through so you can at least hear what we are talking about.

Look, we know that no one will ever be able to replace Hugh Jackman. If at all possible, we would love to see him return if he is willing. But if that is not how it is going to go, then we want to throw Worthington’s hat in the ring as the next contender for the mutant role. Plus, he’s also Australian so it sounds to us like it was kind of meant to be.

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