Henry Cavill, Denzel Washington, More Allegedly Signed on for MCU’s Phase 5

Some massive announcements are set to come at the D23 Expo on September 9th.



Marvel Studios’ Phase 5 is going to be chock-full of A-list talent if recent reports/rumors are to be believed as the likes of Henry Cavill, Jodie Comer, and more are allegedly coming to the MCU in some form or another.

Take all this with a grain of salt, naturally.

According to broadcaster Emmet Kennedy, an inside source allegedly informed him that a handful of huge names in entertainment are coming to Phase 5 with the announcement set to come at the D23 Expo which begins next week on Friday, September 9th.

According to Kennedy, the likes of John Boyega, Henry Cavill, Jodie Comer, Daisy Edgar-Jones, John Krasinski, Giancarlo Esposito, and Denzel Washington are all coming to the MCU in new roles. There is a lot to break down about this so let’s get started.

Back in July, during SDCC, Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios announced a huge amount of upcoming film and television projects that would expand the current Phase 4 of the MCU leading into Phase 5, and further into Phase 6 which will see the fifth and sixth Avengers films. These next two Avengers ensemble movies will dive deeper into the Multiverse Saga which will focus on The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars. However, after all the announcements leading into these movies, which release in 2025, it was revealed that Feige was saving eight more MCU project announcements for D23.

As for what those eight projects are is anyone’s guess, and guess we did. We expect to see or hear some news about a Shang-Chi sequel, possibly an Eternals sequel, Spider-Man 4, Deadpool 3, and possibly some second seasons of the better MCU Disney+ shows. However, there is still much left to speculation with many wondering just when Marvel Studios would introduce the X-Men, for example, and the mutant race- to which Esposito is rumored to either lead as the MCU’s 616 Charles Xavier or even oppose as Magneto.


Hopefully, D23 will elaborate more on the presence of the mutant race as they are likely to be the main focal point for many future Marvel Studios franchises but that still leaves so much to wonder about regarding the roles of everyone else in the alleged casting announcement.

John Krasinski is sort of a no-brainer here as he is likely to reprise his role as Reed Richards from Multiverse of Madness but this time in the 616 Cinematic Universe as the leader of the Fantastic 4, which is set to release on November 8th, 2024.

Henry Cavill is sort of a curious one because there were reports that he had met with Marvel to chat about a possible role in the MCU at some point, possibly as Captain Britain. Whether or not that was true or just an assumption by fans is unknown. Those talks also had taken place while the actor was still tied to the Justice League movies as Superman, to which he is presumably not returning to play again.

Jodie Comer, who we loved in Killing Eve, has not been rumored to appear in the MCU until now but we wrote an article some time ago about wanting to see her as Spider-Gwen in a film of her own. However unlikely that is, it is still nice to see that Marvel Studios recognizes her talent and we will happily take a little of the credit for getting her a role in the MCU from this article here.

As for the rest of the casting rumors, we can’t be sure where they will appear or in what role but in any case, each and every one of those actors and actresses is an incredibly welcome addition to the MCU. And one thing’s for sure- we can’t wait to see them join the likes of the heroes or even the villains, assuming this news has any truth behind it.

D23 kicks off this Friday, September 9th, and runs through the 11th.

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