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Amidst Final Shape Talk, Leaker Reveals Bungie is Working on Destiny 3, Codename “Payback”

Destiny 3 is likely in development and a leaker has shared some supposed details on what players can exepect.

Take-Two Interactive Acquires Gearbox Software for $460 Million

Take-Two Interactive's $460 million acquisition of Gearbox Software solidifies support for Borderlands and other franchises, reinforcing their commitment to quality gaming.


The Nostalgic Charm of Retro and Card Games: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Do you remember those nostalgic times when graphics were low resolution but fun was high resolution?

How to Play 80’s Video Games Today

From subscriptions to converters, here are some of the best methods to play retro titles.

Mix It Up! The Unexpected Joys and Benefits of Diversified Gaming

Why limit ourselves when there are so many exciting titles out there waiting to be explored?

How to Save Money on Home Entertainment

With everything happening right now, such as increased costs, we need entertainment. But that, too, becomes expensive.

How Can Gaming Help You Become A Better Employee?

We’re going to be taking a look at some of the ways that gaming can help you to become a better employee.

How To Create The Perfect Movie Night At Home

It’s definitely fun to go out to the cinema to enjoy a movie that has just been released. There’s an exciting feeling about sitting...

Upgrade Your Gaming Experience: Essential Equipment to Invest In

Gaming technology continues to advance at an astonishing rate. However, to fully experience gaming, invest in appropriate equipment.

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What Makes Online Casino Games So Popular?

What makes these games so appealing to so many people?

How To Gamble Responsibly

Gambling can be a fun and exciting way to spend your leisure time, but it is important to do it responsibly.

5 Reasons to Participate in Esports


5 Ideas For Keeping Your Media Consumption Fresh


What You Can Learn About Marketing From the Movies and More


How To Find New Movies & Shows To Watch

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How To Host A Games Party To Remember

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How To Overcome Your Fear Of Technology


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