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You may be surprised to discover that it isn’t all about entertainment



If you love to go to the movies by yourself, spend your weekend binging classic TV shows, or dive deep into that game you’ve not managed to make time for yet, you may be surprised to discover that it isn’t all about entertainment. While some people consider video games, movies, TV, and anime to be an exercise in mindless consumption, there are many lessons you can take from the content you consume actively.

You can apply these lessons to real life, too. It doesn’t matter who you are, you’re already on your own hero’s journey, so learning from your experiences can always help you reach the next level. One area, in particular, is running a business. You might feel like it’s you against the world, which is why taking lessons from your favorite media can help you overcome the array of challenges in your path.

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There Are Many Ways to Be Creative

If you’ve ever watched a movie or TV show and wondered just how your heroes got out of sticky situations, you know that there’s more than one solution to any problem. The same goes when looking at how to market your new products or ignite interest in a brand that isn’t as exciting as it once was.

If you’re looking for exceptional Promo Ideas, you can take inspiration from Link or perhaps Kevin McCallister in overcoming the bad guys with a little ingenuity. A unique and daring approach to your marketing issues could be the solution you have been searching for all this time.

Stick Together

Even bands of merry adventurers who have split up have always managed to reconnect at the end of the story, such as the Fellowship or – more recently – the Hawkins Gang. Sticking together through thick and thin is a fantastic way to synergize ideas and find solutions to problems you’re struggling to overcome.

Your business may be suffering and you can’t find the answer to your problems no matter how hard you try. But there’s no use in placing the blame on others. Instead, you must stick together because that’s the only way you’re as strong as possible.

Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

Not to spend too much time on hobbits, but you have seen plenty of times how little things can make a big difference. The same goes for running a business and marketing. Often, you don’t need to carry out a large-scale change but make these minor yet effective adjustments that guarantee success.

You may not even notice these little things and changes immediately, but the evidence will be there for you, your employees, and your customers to see once your fortunes turn around.

It’s Okay to Be Vulnerable

The corporate world has shifted significantly over the past several years. While once it was a cut-throat environment, a sink-or-swim, kill-or-be-killed landscape now, there is a stronger focus on feelings. Sure, there may be some dinosaurs that still populate businesses, but many companies have recognized the importance of compassion.

And you can recognize this compassion, also. Whether you dedicate your profits to worthy causes or look out for your employees by offering mental health support, you can increase your company’s reputation and boost its image.

The Support Is As Important As the Lead

The supporting character is as integral to the story as the lead. While the main player gets to enjoy the hero’s journey, they would struggle to make it to the end in one piece without the support of friends, mentors, and others around them or those they encounter along the way.

Remembering this can have a dramatic impact on your business’s success, especially when it comes to marketing or improving your business’ image. Recognizing the effort of employees and suppliers can help to maintain good relationships while knowing which products complement one another can also help you sell more products and increase interest in your brand.

Make Yourself the Subject

A long time ago, the subject was the product. However, consumers have become exhausted by faceless corporations. They want to know the person behind the logo. Of course, this can turn out a little too Steve Jobs or Elon Musk, but this is usually because they buy into their own hype and stop listening to those around them.

If you want to increase your brand’s reach and reputation, you can make yourself the subject. If you have the charisma and knowledge to become the face of your brand, you must take the initiative and embrace that opportunity. Despite this, you still need to find a balance. You don’t want to be in everyone’s face all the time, but you can save your impact for special occasions.

The Journey Matters Most

Many people will tell you that it is not about the destination, but rather what you learned along the way and the same goes for marketing. If you’ve ever been inspired by tales of travel and adventure, you can apply these principles to your marketing efforts.

Your products may provide effective solutions to everyday problems, but it’s not enough to merely tell your audience this. Instead, you need to show them how the product will improve their life. Choosing to show every step rather than lecture customers will make them more appreciative and help them to understand the process.

Understand Your Audience

You will never get far without understanding your audience. This is true for writers, game developers, and directors, but also managers and marketing executives. If you do not understand your audience, you will struggle to sell the product you want them to buy.

Writers know they need to flesh out characters and give them a purpose. They also know that a relatable character is more appealing. The same goes for marketing. If your customers cannot envisage themselves in your material, they will look for brands they can relate to, which could impact the success of your company by benefiting a competitor.

Embrace the Power of Words

No matter where you look, you will find movies, TV shows, and video games full of inspirational speeches that make you believe you can do whatever you want. The power of words is an essential aspect of media, and it can be a crucial aspect of your marketing success.

Making the most of your content will attract more people to your products and services. By creating engaging and inspiring content such as blog posts and videos, you can empower your customers to help them find exactly what they are searching for.

There Are Many Paths You Can Take

Some video games include branching storylines that affect the outcome depending on the choices you make. The same goes for your marketing efforts. Understanding that not every customer is different can help you offer them a suitable path. It doesn’t need to be a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather a bespoke and tailored path that ensures they get what they need.

This combination of marketing and customer service can help boost your business’s reputation and make your brand more appealing while also helping you get to know your customers as few other brands manage.

Lessons Learned

It is always worth taking lessons from any opportunity in life. Much like what you can learn from teachers, friends and family, and books, the same can apply to your favorite movies and video games. With such an array of content options for you to explore, there is a lesson behind every camera, so do not be afraid to look a little deeper and evaluate your approach to help you – and your business – become a memorable protagonist like the many superheroes that came before you.

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