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Technology is always advancing and evolving. The reality is that it’s only going to continue to grow and become more involved and a part of your everyday life. If you’ve never paid attention to it prior or tried and struggled with it then you may be hesitant to dive into it now.

Your first step in overcoming your fear of technology is to face it head-on. There’s no better time than now to investigate it further and figure out what may be holding you back from learning about it and enjoying it. The following tips will help you overcome your fear of technology so you can slowly start to make it a part of your life.


Identify Your Fear

One step to overcoming your fear of technology is to identify what you’re exactly afraid of or hesitant about. For instance, it may be that you don’t understand how to use it in your daily life or that the language confuses you and makes you anxious when you hear it being used. You may have tried to learn more about it previously and became overwhelmed by it. Pinpoint the specifics about it and break it down so you can slowly begin to understand it better and not be so afraid of it.

Try New Gadgets & Make it Fun

Technology doesn’t have to be difficult in all circumstances. There are many ways it can be fun and entertaining. In your case, investigate new gadgets and products and begin playing around with them for fun. For instance, it may help to bring a drone such as the with you on vacation and record your adventures so you’re in a relaxed environment to use technology. You may also want to begin gaming at home or streaming movies and TV shows to see how great it can be to have technology in your life.

Learn the Lingo

Another way to overcome your fear of technology is to educate yourself on the lingo and definitions. Learn the language and read up on the definitions and what people are talking about so you can better understand it. You may be anxious about technology currently because you feel distanced from it and unfamiliar with the verbiage around it and certain concepts. Study the language and you’ll soon be able to have a better handle and grasp on all the ins and outs of it.

Take Classes

Sometimes all you have to do to overcome your fears is submerge yourself in the middle of them. Therefore, consider taking classes in your free time and learning more about technology from the experts. Taking a class will not only be educational and informational but you may find it to be exciting and enjoyable as well. You’ll walk away with new knowledge and skills that you can apply to your job and personal life. It’s a safe and welcoming space to learn and ask questions as well. You may find people in your classes to be helpful and that you want to use them as resources in the future.

Spend Time with Tech-Savvy People

Overcome your fear of technology by spending time with tech-savvy people. The more you are around it the better you’ll get at it. Tech-savvy people can explain concepts to you and show you how to use different technologies. They have the knowledge and skill to teach and inform you and can do so in a non-intimidating environment and way. Come prepared to ask a lot of questions and keep an open mind because you may feel a bit inundated with information initially. The more you spend time with people who know what they’re doing and the more you can see it in action, the more you’ll likely start to enjoy it.

Stay Current

If you want to learn something new then you must study it and approach it with a curious mind. Therefore, overcome your fear of technology by staying current with the latest news, updates, and gadgets. Invest your time and money in it and begin to slowly increase your knowledge and confidence using technology. The more information you can gather around it and why people are so intrigued by it, the easier it’ll be to become more familiar with it and comfortable using it. You may begin to learn so much as you research it that people begin coming to you with questions and for advice.

Realize the Benefits

One of the best ways to beat your fear of technology is to realize all the benefits it has to offer. There are many ways in which it can make your life more enjoyable and easier to live. For instance, maybe you want to get fit so you invest in a fitness tracker or watch that helps you monitor your steps, water intake, and sleep. Maybe you get a GPS for your car so you can avoid getting lost when you want to travel to new places. The benefits of technology are endless but you have to be willing to play around and experiment with all these enhancements to see how it can positively impact your life. The more you give it a try and see what it can do for you the more likely you are to continue using it in new and different ways.


Practice makes perfect and this holds true when it comes to using technology as well. Overcome your fear of it by using it more in your daily life. Sit down with a new gadget or start gaming and practice until you get more familiar with it and better at using it. Challenge yourself to use it in new and exciting ways and don’t be afraid to make mistakes or not know how to do something that’s unfamiliar right away. Set aside time each day to learn a new skill or aspect of it when it comes to technology in your personal or professional life. The more you expose yourself to it the less fearful you’ll be about it and the better you’ll get at using and applying it.

Read Blogs

There is plenty of information on the Internet and online that you should take advantage of as you learn more about technology. Blogs and social media are excellent outlets for helping you gain new knowledge and expertise in this area. Do your homework and seek out tech experts and bloggers who write about related topics frequently. Reading and taking in information on the matter will help you better comprehend it and you’ll realize why so many people are adopting it and applying it in their daily lives. Follow gurus on social media and see what the latest topics and questions are around technology to help you get up to speed. Don’t be afraid to ask and pose questions yourself as another way to help you dive deeper into the matter.


Technology doesn’t have to be confusing and frustrating. It can be fun, exciting, and improve your life and how you function in many ways. Apply these tips to help you overcome your fear of technology so you can begin using it more and enjoy your interactions with it. Start small and increase how much you engage with it once you begin feeling more comfortable and secure with it. You’re likely to soon discover all the benefits of it for yourself and may not be able to picture your life without it. Avoid sitting on the sidelines and living in fear about it and dive in and begin to experiment with it and be proud of yourself for addressing and tackling this fear and learning and growing as an individual.

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