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Everyone has a favorite TV show, movie, or even video game that they could watch or play over and over again. You likely agree that there are many more of these to come that you will no doubt cherish and appreciate. Thankfully, media accessibility has never been this open, meaning that more and more people can find the content they love.

However, it’s also true to say that content is absolutely bountiful. It seems as though every two weeks there’s one must-watch television show out there. No doubt coming back to everything you wish to see, watching everything that piques your interest, or simply watching the content that friends recommend to you is going to be a tough time.

If you were to keep up on your backlog and backlist, it’s all you would ever do. Sure, Marvel fans, Star Wars fans, and seemingly fans of every franchise (even LoTR has a new television show), is utterly spoiled in 2022. But with so much content to get through, sometimes, your experience may feel rather stale.

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In this post, we’ll discuss how to keep your media consumption feeling fresh, and less like a job you have to clock into. Let’s consider that, below:

You Don’t Have To Watch Unless You’re In The Mood

It’s very easy to take a completionist mindset toward consuming content. This doesn’t mean you’re addicted, it’s quite literally how streaming services try to deliver their shows. Netflix places full seasons of television shows on its platform in one fell swoop, while many new shows come out at a record pace.

For instance, franchises like Marvel always have something on the horizon, be that a blockbuster movie or a new television show through the Disney+ streaming service. Over time, it can feel that if you’re not putting the hours in, you’ll be far behind. But provided you can avoid the fear of missing out (FOMO), you don’t have to treat this like a job. Just watch when you’re in the mood to do so. This way, you’re certain to feel a little more healthy about caring for the shows you appreciate.

Flip Up The Script

Of course, many content providers are there to give something to their audience, meaning that it’s very easy to get lost in one ecosystem completely and ignore everything else. That’s completely fine, of course. If you only wish to watch Star Wars television shows and movies, there are enough to go around, and you shouldn’t feel bad about only consuming that kind of content. It’s well-produced, written, and fun.

However, if you’re looking for a spark of change, you might consider changing the genre and theme every time you finish a certain project. So, let’s say you’ve watched a season of Better Call Saul on Netflix. You could dive straight into the next one, but why not let the anticipation build? Perhaps you’ll watch a BBC Miniseries like Sherwood or Sherlock next, as it’s only a few episodes and can help refresh your palate for the next thing.

This can also help you avoid the ‘too much to watch’ feeling because you’ll at least be sampling what you can where you can, and trying new things. Some people can watch six seasons of a single television show in two weeks, and that’s great, but not everyone has the patience for that.

Perfect Your Rexalation Environment

We’re willing to bet that if you’re watching movies, television, or playing video games, then odds are, you’re hoping to relax. It can be nice to invest in your relaxation effort. For example, your experience might be elevated if you invest in a lovely recliner chair you can sink back into with no apologies.

Your relaxation may also be improved by ensuring your media room has good ventilation, an air purifier can also filter out dust particles in the air to become more breathable. A good side table for your beverages (and switching from sugary sodas to nice fruit teas) is a nice addition.

Of course, you may even change how this kind of approach is managed by implementing an exercise bike in front of your television from time to time, too. This way, you might cycle for an hour and watch an entire episode of a TV show, getting your exercise in for the day while still getting through the content you enjoy so much. This is perfect for those rainy days.

One crucial way to improve your relaxation is with quality internet- since there’s nothing more frustrating than failing miserably at an online game in front of the rest of your team because you keep lagging out. Internet providers like Xfinity internet are great options for supporting online gaming and streaming to ensure any mid-game glitches don’t hold you back.

For many people, it can be really difficult to switch off from the outside world and focus on just watching a movie or tv show. If this is you, consider taking 15 minutes to clear your head before diving into your favorite series. Another option is to have something to drink, like a glass of wine, or even a cocktail in a can, something quick and easy to help you take the edge off.

Some nice snacks you can munch on are also worthwhile, some people opt for a good mini-fridge with sugar-free sodas and other treats, maybe even supplementing with Delta 8 THC Vape Carts instead of drinking alcohol. A nice relaxing environment with comfortable lighting can be key. While you may dim the lighting, also make sure the natural light isn’t unimpeded in the space, as this makes a space feel breathable and inviting rather than dingy, even at lower light levels.

Share Your Thoughts!

You might notice that our website is dedicated to news, analysis, and carefully constructed opinions about media and its many expressions.

You get to do that, too. Perhaps you could post on your own blog, some thoughts on your social media feed, or even record a vlog discussing your opinion of characters in a television show. You deserve to weigh in. You don’t need to have a bachelors in filmmaking or game design to say how you felt as a consumer of this content, to consider how strong the writing might have been, or celebrate an actor’s performance.

The media landscape is rife with voices, sure, but that doesn’t mean yours has nothing to contribute. Quite the opposite in fact. This can help spur discussions and maybe even give you a new idea about the show you love so much, which may provide more context and allow you to appreciate it on a newer level.

With this advice, you’re sure to keep your media consumption fresh instead of regarding it as a chore, as so much content can sometimes do.

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