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When it comes to superheroes, the chances are that many of us picture men and women with masks and capes, ready to fight the bad guys and save the world. How often do we think that our favorite heroes might be wearing glasses to help them see better?

It might not seem an obvious choice, but there are more superheroes than you realize that boast more than just a little specs appeal. Let’s take a look at some of our most favorite glasses-wearing superheroes.

Kitty Pryde
Also known as Shadowcat, Kitty Pryde has the rather impressive ability to move through solid objects as well as disrupt those that are electrical. She isn’t known for using these powers to attack; her role within the X-Men is more about defending and protecting those who need her.

Kitty doesn’t always wear her glasses, like the ones at this site; however, she can usually be seen wearing them when she is teaching within the X-Men Academy and sharing some of her excellent knowledge with the up-and-coming mutants.

While Beast may not need his glasses when he transforms into his alter-ego, Hank McCoy, in his human form, does rely on his specs to get him through the day. Beast is a super-strong, fast, and valuable member of the X-Men team, whether he is fighting against evil in his blue, furry form or trying to solve some of the mysteries of the universe as a brilliant scientist.

Yet another of the X-Men crew to rock glasses is Cyclops. Cyclops is a rather exciting character had has been both loved and hated in the comic world. However, what doesn’t change is that Cyclops is never seen without his blacked-out glasses.

So, why does he wear these somewhat over-the-top specs? Cyclops has the mutant powers of laser vision, and without his glasses to stop the lasers from shooting, the world around him could be in trouble. This is why we are all about supporting Cyclops in his very own pursuit of style with his chosen glasses.

Compared to some of these other superheroes on the list, Daredevil is a little different. The others wear glasses to help them see the world around them, no matter when or where they wear them. Daredevil is blind, and therefore the glasses he chooses to wear are not to help him see but rather hide his eyes from the rest of the world. Although, with such amazing powers, who knows why he feels the need to do this?

While his sight may have disappeared, Daredevil has other heightened senses, which means that he can still do good in Hell’s Kitchen, which is his chosen part of the world to protect.

Kate Bishop
If you are a fan of the Marvel comics, then you will know that Kate Bishop is a relative newcomer in the world of comics. However, she has made a definite impact on the universe. Kate Bishop helped to launch the Young Avengers after taking up the role of Hawkeye when Clint Barton decided that he no longer wanted to hold onto his bow and arrow.

Kate doesn’t wear glasses as such; instead, she opts for sunglasses while waging war against any villains out there. She wears sunglasses essentially to remove the glare that she may have to deal with in the sunshine and improve her eyesight even more so than it already is.

She-Hulk is a hugely impressive character within the Marvel universe. She is the cousin of Bruce Banner, and after receiving a blood transfusion from Bruce, she inherited his superhuman powers. While she may not be entirely able to over-throw the green man himself, she has been known to come out on top against Thing, Thor, and Hercules.

In her everyday life, She-Hulk is known as Jennifer and works as a lawyer. Unlike Hulk, when in her Hulk form, Jennifer maintains the intelligence and personality that she has worked so hard to build in her personal life. This is why you will see her rocking glasses in both her forms.

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Possibly one of the best-known superheroes for wearing glasses, Superman is one of the greatest heroes that the world has ever seen. When you consider that he is known for his all-around perfect self, with eyes that can see heat and through walls, it seems strange that he has to wear glasses at all.

The truth is, he doesn’t have to wear them. Superman chooses to wear glasses while in disguise as Clark Kent. His glasses are then removed the moment that he senses trouble and has to get to work. Sure, it might not be the best disguise going, and we wonder why no one has put Clark and Superman together; however, seeing how long he has been around, it seems to be working for him.

Tony Stark
We love Iron Man 3000, whether in his flying suit, saving the world, or perhaps as his alter ego Tony Stark. It is difficult to know where Iron Man ends, and Tony begins, but one thing that we do know is that we love him either way!

As Tony, his thick-rimmed aviator glasses complete with blue tint are a key part of his look and give him a great sense of style that has been copied the world over. Carrying on his legacy, even though he is no longer a part of the Avengers team.

Another superhero who doesn’t rely on his glasses for overall sight is Falcon. That said, his goggles are actually linked to his flight suit and help him to see while he is soaring through the sky.

After The Falcon and Winder Soldier series, Falcon has seen an increase in popularity, so there is a good chance we will see some style copycats coming up in the future. Although, these won’t have the same level of super ability as Sam’s version we are afraid to say.

We have already looked at how She-Hulk sports glasses from time to time, and the same is true for the original man in green (or should that be a man who is green) Hulk. Bruce Banner is the alter ego of Hulk and is known for his kind demeanor and his stylish glasses.

However, we are yet to see them being worn when he is in full Hulk mode. Although judging by the state of his trousers and shirt when he transforms, we are not sure that glasses will survive in one piece.

Last we have a well-known character in the DC universe, Oracle. Once known as Barbara Gordon, Oracle is the daughter of the Gotham Commissioner and, before an attack left her in a wheelchair, was the fantastic sidekick Batgirl.

She was known for wearing glasses in both roles, however, to help with the transition between the two, her frames as Oracle were more rectangular than the ones that she had worn as Batgirl.

While you may not always think of blurry eyes as a superpower, some of the best crime fighters that the world has to offer come with a slight issue with their vision. However, just because they have needed to wear glasses throughout their many adventures, they are still there when we need someone to save the day.

Not just this, but by wearing glasses while saving the planet or living their everyday lives, they will inspire children around the world (not to mention adults too) to feel proud about wearing glasses themselves. Something that makes them even more of a superhero than they were before.

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