Robert Kirkman on The Walking Dead Feature Film “We Want This to be Worth the Wait”

The Rick Grimes movie (possibly a trilogy) is still happening. Kirkman just wants it to be good.



The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman had a very special SDCC presence this year through the use of the “Comic-Con@Home” experience. With his very own panel, Kirkman talked a lot about the success and future of his smash-hit comic series turned Amazon show, Invincible, as well as what we can expect in the future of The Walking Dead.

The full panel, which you can see above for yourself, is about 45m in length and features a lot of really great content. On the subject of The Walking Dead, AMC will be saying farewell with the show’s finale at the end of the upcoming 11th season. However, there are still plans on an extended universe which could contain other shows so it won’t be the last time you see characters dealing with undead walkers on your television screen. However, in most topics discussed, Kirkman was rather tight-lipped about it, specifically in the comic form of The Walking Dead.

“In comics, I think The Walking Dead will exist in a different way.”

As to what exactly this means is not exactly clear, however, we assume this is likely alluding to Clementine and her graphic novel. Clementine, as some of you may know, was the leading character in the Telltale video game series and the character is set to receive a trilogy under the Skybound Comic imprint.

The Walking Dead’s media has a lot more going for it than the core series which will end soon after running since 2010. Other shows that are still ongoing are FEAR The Walking Dead, which has been running since 2015, and World Beyond, which has been going since 2020. Then of course there is the highly anticipated Daryl and Carol spin-off series which is planning to debut in 2023. However, with all that, fans still want to know what ultimately happened to Rick Grimes, who is supposed to be getting his own movie, or three if reports are to be believed.

When asked about the return of Rick Grimes in these feature films, which will be all about Rick’s departure from the show and what he has been up to since then, Kirkman had this to say:

“There’s exciting stuff happening behind the scenes.

I miss seeing Andrew Lincoln running around.

All I will say? We don’t want a bad Rick Grimes movie.

Do we? We want a good Rick Grimes movie! We want this to be worth the wait.”

The Walking Dead fans may be sad to see the main show end but there are so many other great things happening on the horizon for the franchise that it won’t be as bitter as it will be sweet to see so many chapters come to a close with many more opening up.

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