Bungie Releases ‘Journey into The Traveler’ Trailer, Featuring More Cayde-6

Stop the Witness before it's too late.



The Final Shape is less than two months from release and the tension is mounting. In the latest ‘Journey Into the Traveler’ trailer, released earlier today, Bungie leans hard into the return of Cayde-6, in a more serious, dark, and ominous tone. Take a look.

“When I woke up in this place, I almost could have believed it was paradise. I feel the light flowing through me, it’s everywhere. The ground beneath my feet is a memory. So is the grass, and the sky. The warmth of the sun on my face. Around every corner, every familiar hallway, I keep expecting to see you.

But instead, corruption. A blight. Sickness, spreading through the Traveler. Because the Traveler’s where I am, isn’t it? This disease, I can feel it too. Something in the pit of me knows it won’t stop after it’s consumed this place. You, me, the entirety of everything and everyone we know. He wants to infect it all. We gotta stop what’s happening here. Now. Before it’s too late.”

The above quote, taken directly from the trailer, shows a pivotal shift in character dynamic for Cayde. Once the comic relief, the Exo Guardian has shown a new side, a more serious side, amidst the blight that plagues the Traveler and, by extension, the universe, as we know it.

The Final Shape expansion releases this June on all major gaming platforms.

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