15 Years Ago Today, Pokemon Emerald Was Released in NA- Celebrate by Revisting Hoenn

Come join me on my playthrough of Pokemon Emerald, arguably the best game in the core series.

15 years ago today, my favorite Pokemon game of all time was released. And while Hoenn, as a region, was available to us a couple years earlier in Sapphire and Ruby, Emerald did it best. Join me as I play through the game from start to finish while providing tips, tricks, and fun facts on a journey to becoming a Pokemon master!

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During the stay-at-home order, we have had ample time to binge shows, play games, and ponder about the future. However, in some cases, I find the past to be just interesting, if not more so.

Considering that being at home is pretty much all we can do for the time being, I have decided to play some older games for the purpose of reliving the nostalgia and nothing satisfies that itch quite like Pokemon Emerald.

Each and every day, I plan on playing a portion of the game and uploading it to my personal YouTube. At the time of this posting, I have 11 episodes up with plenty more to come. So feel free to join me on my journey through Hoenn as we discuss key aspects of the game, strategies, fun facts, and more.



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