Indie Game Spotlight: The Fall

The narrative setup of The Fall is as follows: a human is piloting an armored combat suit but becomes incapacitated for unknown reasons and falls to a foreign planet.

The Fall provides players with an engaging story and gameplay to match. The suit reactivates in a subterranean environment, realizes its pilot is in critical condition, and proceeds to attempt to reactivate combat and survival systems while searching for medical services to save its pilot.

The Fall forces players to use intellect, quick combat reflexes, and keen synthesis of clues to proceed through the story and solve the many mysteries that arise. Gameplay is smooth and the lack of a heads up display really allows the player to be immersed in the environment. While to story is the main motivator to push through this game, unlocking different abilities through reactivating systems in the suit’s operating system also provides rewards for the player and replaces the traditional skill tree.

The Fall is most eerie in the moments when you are reminded the character you are playing as is not a human, but a mech suit with an unconscious, dying human being inside. The story is compelling enough to keep you coming back and seeing your mission through to the end. One criticism of the game would be that, at times, clues on how to proceed are sparse and can be cause for frustration. Another issue some might find with the game is its lack of sufficient lighting. While it always appears to be done for mood and is never out of place, it would be nice to be able to see more of the world being explored.InBox

Overall The Fall is one of the best side-scrollers out there. Unlike its genre counterparts it uses story as the driving force behind the gameplay and engages the mind as well as the reflexes of all who are lucky enough to spend time playing through it. Anyone who is a fan of the sic-fi or mystery genres will absolutely find enjoyment in this game. The Fall is developed and published by Over the Moon and is available through Steam.

Check out the trailer for The Fall below:



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