‘The Day Before’ Developer Fntastic Shuts Down Amidst Game’s Catastrophic Launch on Steam

Due to financial failure and broken promises, Fntastic is abruptly closing its doors... Wow.



In an unexpected development, Fntastic, the developer of the much-anticipated survival MMO, The Day Before, has announced its closure merely four days after the game’s tumultuous debut on Steam. The declaration, made via Twitter (now X), cites financial failure, expressing the studio’s inability to continue due to insufficient funds. Fntastic acknowledged its unsuccessful attempt to address the game’s issues, which deviated from the initially promised survival MMO genre to an extraction shooter.

Despite assertions of crowdfunding-free development and five years of dedication, recent purchasers, numbering in the thousands, now face a flawed product. While servers are currently operational, the game has drawn criticism for misleading trailers and glitches, resulting in a surge of refund requests that likely counteracted revenue.

The final iteration of the game featured a glitch-ridden city reminiscent of The Division, with minimal zombies, malfunctioning player-versus-player battles, and inventory losses, starkly contrasting with advertised promises. Fntastic’s closure amid accusations of deception and scamming has prompted the erasure of the studio’s website and YouTube channel, intensifying the sense of betrayal. This incident raises concerns about supporting smaller development teams and underscores the importance of skeptical scrutiny to prevent such occurrences in the future.

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