Max Payne Voice Actor James McCaffrey has Passed Away

McCaffrey lost his life after battling multiple myeloma, a type of cancer.



James McCaffrey, the renowned actor celebrated by video game enthusiasts as the iconic voice behind Max Payne and various other Remedy characters, has passed away at the age of 65. According to TMZ, McCaffrey succumbed to multiple myeloma on Sunday. A representative for McCaffrey conveyed that the actor breathed his last surrounded by loved ones.

McCaffrey’s illustrious on-screen career featured notable roles in television series such as Law & Order, Suits, and Blue Bloods. Additionally, he made a lasting impact in the gaming world, lending his voice to characters in titles like 2008’s Alone in the Dark and 2005’s Area 51.

Nevertheless, fans of Remedy recognized him most prominently as the voice of Max Payne across all three installments. McCaffrey also contributed his vocal talents to other Remedy characters like Thomas Zane in Alan Wake, Zachariah Trench in Control, and, most recently, Alex Casey in Alan Wake 2.

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