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Cuphead on Switch is a Swell Port and is Even Better Portable

“Here’s a real high class bout. It’s on!” (The go!)

Kingdom Hearts 3 Review: A Satisfying and Heartfelt Finale (for now)

(Say it with me) May your heart be your guiding key.

Subnautica: The Unintended Horror Game That is Making a Splash

Console gamers: prepare to explore the underwater open-world survival game that PC gamers have been raving about for years!

Hollow Knight on Switch is Extremely Challenging and Extremely Rewarding

It's dangerous to go alone. Take your Switch.

Donut County on PS4 is Weird and a Hole Lot of Fun

Have a Garbage Day!

Lumines Remastered on the Switch is a Match Made in Puzzle Heaven

shake ya body, shake ya body down to the ground!

Yoku’s Island Express Review: A Jolly Blend of Metroid and Pinball

Yoku is an adorable beetle who arrives on Mokumana Island, a tropical and diverse paradise, ready to take on the duties of the island’s Postmaster.

Destiny 2’s Curse of Osiris DLC is a Short, Boring, and Uninspired Cash Grab (PS4 Review)

The "Curse of Eververse" returns in full force. Is it worth your money? Definitely not. 

We Review Semispheres for the PlayStation Vita

A perplexing and perfectly portable puzzler. 

Cosmic Kites Review: An Intense and Colorful Twist on Classic Snake

Snake in SPAAAACCCEEEEE. Whether you played it on your Nokia phone, graphing calculator, or even on the YouTube buffering screen, Snake has been a long-enduring...

We Review Shu for the PlayStation Vita

An adorable and welcome platformer perfect for on the go.  A little over a year ago I reviewed Severed, worried that it would be one of...

Story Mode of Tekken 7 Surpasses Story Features of Other Fighting Games

The story mode of Tekken 7 is one of the most impressive story modes I have ever seen for a fighting game.  I played...

Marvel Heroes Omega Closed Beta Provides Enjoyable Experience on PS4

Gazillion is providing a super hero game that combines action rpg and MMO gameplay.  As of now you can get the game on PC...

We Review Resident Evil 7 (PS4)

After finally finding the time to sit down and play through the story of RE 7 Biohazard, our review is here.    Resident Evil as a...

We Review Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue

May your heart be your guiding key. Kingdom Hearts has always been a fascinating enigma. Although a strange combination of Disney and Square Enix properties,...

We Review Thumper (PS4 and PC)

To the beat of the rhythm of the fright. Dread. Fear. Fright. I would have never of thought I'd be using these words to describe...

Indie Game Review: Xenoraid

If you are looking for a classic arcade game that's an upgrade from Galaga, then Xenoraid is the perfect game for your PC! Xenoraid isn't a...

Nostalgia Review: Super Mario Land (Game Boy)

Let's get weird.  The king of platformers is finally coming to mobile with Super Mario Run. To celebrate this milestone, let’s look back at the...

We Review ‘God Eater 2: Rage Burst’ (PS4)

Filled to burst with systems, boredom ensues instead of rage. While God Eater 2: Rage Burst was critically acclaimed in Japan, I don't find myself thinking...

We Review No Man’s Sky (PC)

$60 seems a little steep for this title, even with its ambitious nature and scope of a universe.  First, let me preface this review by...