Dead Space (2008) Still Holds Up as One of the Greatest Horror Games of All Time

Despite having been originally released over 10 years ago, Dead Space is practically flawless.


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Dead Space is a game that I have always loved, and with the stay-at-home order that many of us are dealing with, I find no better way to pass the evening time than by picking this game up and slaughtering enemies while being terrified of what lay in wait for me around every corner. The game is scary, to get to the point. But it is equally fun as it is terrifying with solid controls, action, story, and so much more. If you never got the chance to play this game, I can't recommend it highly enough. It stands out as one of the greatest horror/action games of all time and easily makes our list for the Top 50 of all time. What I am trying to say is this- get the game. You won't regret it.

Dead Space is one of those games that withstands every and all tests of time. The gameplay is fun, the horrific themes still scare, and even the graphics are top-notch ( at least on PC). And during this downtime we all seem to be facing indefinitely, I often find myself exploring my older catalog of games on console and PC, which lead me to rediscover my love of Isaac Clarke and his fight aboard the Ishimura in Dead Space.

An ancient alien scourge has broken loose, transforming the dead into hideous Necromorphs, and only Engineer Isaac Clarke can stop them. Fight for survival in this sci-fi horror adventure by using your engineering tools to disable the Necromorphs limb by twisted limb.

If you are one of the few that have not heard of Dead Space, or simply just never found the time or opportunity to play it, then I highly suggest you grab this game as soon as you can (either on Steam or one of the console online stores).

After the USG Ishimura, a massive mining ship, makes contact with an unusual and mysterious alien artifact in space, the people aboard the ship go radio silent, losing contact completely with Earth. With no other options, Isaac Clarke, an engineer who is tasked with repairing the Ishimura’s communications resources, is sent out with his crew to solve the problem and re-establish communications. However, upon arriving, the mission crew discovers the people of Ishimura brutally slaughtered and mutilated by an alien scourge that infects anyone it touches. Now, Isaac must save his crew and any survivors by stopping these “Necromorphs” at all costs before they spread and consume any and everything in their path. What’s a lonely engineer to do?

The game is every bit of fun as it sounds as you use a variety of tools at your disposal to sever the limbs from these twisted enemies that would surely rip your head from your spine as soon as look at ya. Stomp them to bits, blast them apart with your Plasma Cutter, or run for your life from the horrors that be. Either way, you are all alone with no one to help you and no one to hear you scream.

Originally released in 2008 for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, Dead Space is one of those games that makes our shortlist among the greatest games of all time. Be sure to pick this up on Steam if you have yet to experience it or just want to go back and relive all the stomping. You will thank us later.

If you are interested, I am posting my gameplay experience on YouTube, releasing episodes nightly at 10:00p PST.

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