Broly Officially Confirmed as the Villain in the Dragon Ball Super Movie-Toriyama Will Change His Character

Series creator Akira Toriyama will rework the fan-favorite character and incorporate him into Super.

After promotional material was leaked online earlier today (causing a certain big, angry monster man to trend on Twitter), it was officially confirmed that Broly, the legendary Super Saiyan, will be the featured villain in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie. The news was confirmed via an update to the film’s official website, complete with the promotional banner and poster that had leaked earlier (below). 

While specific detail about the film’s plot have yet to be revealed, Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama did comment on the Broly’s inclusion in the film (also via the official website), which you can read below. 

Basically, due to the character’s massive popularity, Broly was decided to be featured in the film, and Toriyama will rework the character’s story so that it fits into Dragon Ball Super, and more specifically, a conflict involving Goku, Vegeta, the Frieza Force, and “the history of Saiyans.” This message is so Akira Toriyama (forgetting that he even designed Broly and only including him because his editor suggested it), I want it framed and hung on my wall. 

Also revealed today is a special promotion for Japanese audiences who preorder tickets to the film. They have a chance to get figures of SSB Goku and SSB Vegeta wearing winter clothing. Cute! 

As Toriyama pointed out, Broly is one of the most popular characters in Dragon Ball not a part of the official canon. He has starred in three movies and multiple games, including DLC in Dragon Ball FighterZ

He’s never been a very interesting character at all (he is literally just annoyed by Goku), so reworking his character to hopefully include some sort of depth is an exciting prospect. We would have liked to see an original character as the villain, and maybe there will be one, but till then, Broly’s back baby.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly hits theaters in Japan on December 14. 


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