Artists Recreate the Unreleased Gen 2 Pokémon in the Classic Art Style

Yo, Game Freak, is it too late to include some of these in gen 8?

We’re still geeking out over the unreleased Pokémon discovered in the recently hacked Gold and Silver demo, and so is everyone else.

A team of talented artists lead by blazeknight-94 have gone ahead and recreated the unreleased sprites from the hacked demo in the art style of Ken Sugimori, who has designed Pokémon since the series’ inception.

The artists were able to capture the stiff, water-color look of the first generations of Pokémon, and the results is striking and indistinguishable from real mons.

Below is credit to the artists who contributed to this piece as cited on blazeknight-94’s Deviantart post:

Blazeknight-94: @Fachinhell
Elite4: @_Elite.4_
BadaFra(Facebook): @badafra2013
Daku: daku_Hero_lastminute
Chaos: chaos_Xeno
INSTAGRAM: weedlechannel
INSTAGRAM (personal): fabstarkey

We cannot overstate how awesome this artwork is, and we’re hoping there’s more to come!



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