Xbox One Game Demos Now Feature Trial and Unlock


A trial and unlock feature has been added to the Xbox One store that will allow gamers to play a game demo for free while the full video game is downloaded in its entirety. Then, the gamer can purchase and unlock right away if they decide they want the full game.

Gamers had the same benefit with the Xbox Live Arcade on the Xbox 360. The major convenience of the trial and unlock feature is gamers only have to download the game once. A gamer can download a video game on the Xbox One store for free and be limited to the demo version, but have the ability to purchase the game to unlock the full version.

Gamers can download demos on the Xbox One store, then purchase the full version later – in one download

According to Eurogamer, the trial and unlock feature will vary by game, but it’s available to those who wish to implement it. With this new addition, the Xbox One store is making it more enticing for gamers to download games online as opposed to buying in-store.



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