‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ to Begin Shooting in August


[dropcap size=small]F[/dropcap]ilming for the next, and possibly final, movie in the long-running Resident Evil franchise is set to being this August, according to actress Milla Jovovich. Jovovich, who stars as Alice in the series, revealed the start date buried in a lengthy post on her Facebook page regarding her pregnancy:

[dropcap size=small][/dropcap]…I have to be ready to start filming ‘Resident Evil – The Final Chapter‘ in August of this year. And I will also be nursing an infant simultaneously (get ready wardrobe department for Alice’s new ‘easy mama access’ costume) so I don’t want to be on any extreme diets to get ready to go back to ‘action hero’ mode!”

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter was initially scheduled to begin filming last year, but production had to be delayed as a result of Jovovich’s pregnancy. Considering that the father of the baby doubles as Jovovich’s husband and Resident Evil director, Paul W.S. Anderson, I’m guessing he doesn’t mind the delay too much. The baby is expected to be delivered in 10 weeks.

In all likelihood, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will be the final entry in the film series based on Capcom’s hit action-horror franchise– that is of course unless they expect to release another film, Resident Evil: The Chapter After the Final Chapter. While critics have not been particularly fond of the films, they continue to perform decently in the worldwide box office.

Will you be in line to see one final zombie massacre in Racoon City for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter? Let us know in the comments below!



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