Justice Smith Hasn’t Been Told Anything Regarding a Detective Pikachu Sequel

The star of Detective Pikachu hasn't heard of any news or details regarding a sequel... yet.

Justice Smith, star of Detective Pikachu, recently sat down with ComingSoon.net to discuss and promote All the Bright Things, a Netflix-exclusive drama, along with co-star Elle Fanning. During their interview, the topic of a Detective Pikachu sequel came up and Smith was quick to say he knows nothing about it.

“I wish somebody would tell me something. I have no idea, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.”

Elle fanning chimed in suggesting that Smith was being secretive. Smith replied quickly with a laugh saying he wishes he had more to tell but claims that he honestly isn’t privy to any information regarding the future of the movie franchise, or even if there is one.

Plus, we need more angry Jigglypuff. Who doesn’t want more angry Jigglypuff?

Even though we don’t have any hard evidence that a sequel is coming, it’s safe to say that it is certainly likely considering the success of the first one. Whether or not Ryan Reynolds or Justice Smith will return is speculative, but it’s hard to imagine a sequel without them. Although, now that Ryan Reynolds is separated from Pikachu, it wouldn’t make much sense to have Reynolds returning to voice the electric mouse. Personally, we are hoping for a sequel where Reynolds and Pikachu are out solving a case in a noir-like film, but that is just wishful thinking at this point.

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