Greninja is Your 2020 Pokemon of the Year

Charizard came in fourth among the Top 10 while Pikachu is nowhere to be seen.

Today is Pokemon day, and that means there are all sorts of goodies waiting for players in Pokemon GO and Sword and Shield. Outside of the games, a decision was being made for ‘Pokemon of the Year’.

Across the globe, millions of Pokemon fans have voted for their choice for ‘Pokemon of the Year’ out of the hundreds that are available in the National PokeDex. After going through the Top 10, which we have listed below, Greninja came out on top. Take a look at the announcement video:

According to the announcement, these were your Top 10:

  • 10 – Gengar
  • 9 – Gardevoir
  • 8 – Rayquaza
  • 7 – Garchomp
  • 6 – Sylveon
  • 5- Umbreon
  • 4- Charizard
  • 3- Mimikyu
  • 2- Lucario
  • 1 – Greninja

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You will notice among the Top 10 that there are more Eeveelutions than there are legendaries. And despite popular belief, Charizard is not always the number one choice among fans. The list is surprising to some extent, but the growing fandom of Greninja is not, and considering how awesome Gren was in Detective Pikachu, we are happy to see it earning the top spot.

What is surprising, is that Pikachu didn’t even make the Top 10. The poster-mon for The Pokemon Company is losing out on popularity to some interesting contenders, including Mimikyu, a Pokemon whose design is based on Pikachu.

Pokemon Day has and is shaping up to be a lot of fun with lots of surprises, including the inclusion of Kanto Starters and Mewtwo in Sword and Shield Raids, and the announcement of a new Mythical Pokemon. It’s days like these that make us happy to be Pokemon fans.

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