Isabelle Joins Smash Ultimate, New Animal Crossing for Switch Coming in 2019


Along with an abundance of Final Fantasy announcements, the recent Nintendo Direct gave us some awesome Animal Crossing news. 

The Direct (watch it here) closes out with a very cute scene featuring Isabelle, the hardworking mayor’s assistant from Animal Crossing: New Leaf. After musing the possibility of herself being the mayor, she receives a letter… and it’s an invitation to Smash!!

Per her character page on the official website, Isabelle is the 68th overall fighter in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, meaning she is brand new and not an echo fighter of Villager, which was largely speculated. 

However, she appears to share many of the moves/attributes with Villager (her neutral B special move appears to also be Pocket) so I think she’s more like a semi-clone (like Young Link or Falco).

Anyway, Isabelle is adorable and we’re excited for her to join the fight. 

Right after Isabelle was revealed, Ol’ Tom Nook stole the show as he teased, finally, a new Animal Crossing game coming to Switch in 2019. Animal Crossing fans have ravenously been craving a new mainline entry in the series since New Leaf took off on 3DS, so we’re very hyped to start owing money to Mr. Nook next year.

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