Indie Game Spotlight: ‘Neverlooted Dungeon’, a Mysterious Dungeon Full of Deadly Treacherous Traps

Explore a mysterious dungeon and be the first to loot its legendary treasure.

Coming later this year, Neverlooted Dungeon is a gory, humorous, loot-based exploration game with low-poly style visuals that gives it a certain charm that begs to be appreciated. You will need to avoid traps, explore every nook, every cranny, and loot all the chests you see or die trying.

Neverlooted Dungeon is one of those games that immediately scratches my itch for a first-person puzzle and exploration game. The art style, the noise and ambiance, and the twisted humor are all boxes I constantly find myself leaving unchecked when I pick up a new game, but ND looks to mark each and every one. And with so many ways to die, I can see how difficult it will be to survive and claim the riches that hide within the many twists and turns of the game.

The simple art style is something that I have always had an affinity for, with low-poly games always being extremely attractive to me. Add in a bunch of difficult puzzles to solve or meet death, and I am already sold. But what makes this game so fun is how it adds the gratuitous violence and gore along with the rest of the above.

You will have to avoid getting sliced, diced, smashed, squished, burned, impaled, or one of the other countless ways to be killed if you are going to even manage to extract a handful of gold coins from the chests scattered throughout. Even so, some of these chests are boobytrapped as well, so you will have to be extra careful to avoid being hacked to pieces if you are to come out alive.

Story Synopsis:

Live the Almost Epic Adventures™ of a mighty adventurer who just purchased a map to a mysterious dungeon from a shifty old man in a tavern. “It is said that the dungeon contains a legendary treasure, that has never been looted. Try your luck now, extraordinary wealth and eternal glory await you!”. However, you feel like something is wrong since you entered in the dungeon, and there may be a good reason why no one has ever returned.

About the Game:

Almost Epic Adventures™: Neverlooted Dungeon is a unique and tense adventure-exploration game focused on avoiding hidden treacherous traps. Explore a massive dungeon filled with a great variety of traps, that will keep surprising you as you descend into its depths. Meticulously placed by a deceitful dungeon master, they await the imprudent adventurers.

To survive, you better be careful about what you see, what you hear, what you touch, where you step, what you open, what you loot… With its physics-based traps and interactions, the game offers immersive gameplay where your creativity will be rewarded. Whether you are a careful explorer, an outstanding acrobat, a clever adventurer, find your own way to progress and overcome the dangers. Throw an object to trigger a trap from a distance, block its movement with an obstacle, take a very risky jump, and much more, it’s up to you.


  • Unique and tense exploration game focused on avoiding hidden treacherous traps.
  • Physics-based interactions and traps. Find your own way to overcome the dangers.
  • Dying is not the end. Restart the level, loot your corpse, try to progress even further.
  • Great variety of levels containing unique traps and triggers.
  • A satirical dark fantasy world filled with humor.
  • Tons of secrets to discover, tons of treasures to loot!

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