‘Someday You’ll Return’ a Psychological Horror Game Inspired by Real Locations

Your daughter never came home. Now you have to track her down...

In Someday You’ll Return, your daughter Stella has gone missing. This isn’t the first time she has not come home, as she has run away before, but this time it feels different. You’ll have to go out into the Moravian Forest, a place of danger and horrible secrets, if you are to ever see her again…

You will have to use every survival skill you have along with your wits to find Stella. However, the darkness of the forest is not the only thing standing in your way. Malevolent forces are between you and your daughter and these nightmares aren’t something that you can face on your own. Some fights you can’t win, and running away or using stealth is the only way to get by.

Perhaps the most fascinating thing about Someday You’ll Return, is that each and every location in the game is actually a real place that you can visit. Developer CBE Software was inspired by these real locations and decided they were the perfect setting for a psychological horror title. In fact, they even mention on their official website FAQ that these places are available to hike to, and they encourage you to do so.


Story Synopsis:
What would you do if your daughter never came home but you could track her down?

It’s not the first time she ran away. But you’re uneasy … this time feels so different. Long ago, you swore never to return here. And now, she has dragged you back. Your search leads deep into ancient Moravian forests and reveals secrets that should have stayed buried.

While your survival skills and quick wits might advance your search, malevolent forces rise up against you. There are nightmares you can’t fight and win. Some of them … could be yours.

Your character is Daniel, Stela’s father, who is forced by events to return to a place, he swore never to return. In the forest, he will encounter peculiar people who will help him understand the true reason why Stela keeps running away. Someday You’ll Return deals with intimate concepts of fatherhood, fears, lies, and refusal to accept one’s past. While the story contains strong horror elements it’s not always the most obvious monsters which are the most frightening.


Someday You’ll Return launches exclusively to Steam this April 14th, 2020.

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