Savior, a Strategic, Action-Adventure Platformer You Will Want to Play

"Use wits, combat and parkour to rebuild a divided world in this 2D action-adventure game."



Savior is one of those games that caught our attention simply because the art style looks amazing. We love pixel art, and we love when it is done right. So naturally, we had to look into developer Starsoft and their charming game and what we found was a platformer that at its core, has action, combat, and heated arguments (yes, you read that right), all things that we love.

In Savior, you play as Sam, a protagonist without memory and an incredibly agile set of acrobatic and combat skills. As a mysterious outsider, Sam may end up the only one who can save this fantasy world from certain doom.

The Story…

The Chosen people of Arcadia have lived under the brilliance of The Daystar for a thousand years. Appearing as a star that shines day and night; it is their guide, their lawgiver, their god. It delivered to them, The Holy Creed.

The Creed dictates all areas of Arcadian life, especially the punishment for doubting the Daystar or challenging its law. All who stand opposed to The Creed are to be banished; dropped into the depths of the planet. They are returned to the darkness, where their doubt arose, so sayeth The Creed.

But The Fallen survived their banishment. They explored their new underground home and unlocked unimagined secrets. Their curiosity condemned them, but beyond The Creed, it was their most powerful tool. With it, they built the free city of Bastion and thrived.

Savior begins at a turning point in the paths of The Chosen and The Fallen. A catastrophe has befallen the city of Bastion. Sam, as a mysterious outsider with hidden power, maybe the only one who can save this lost world.


Combat is a major part of the game, and is what Starsoft says was a focus for them to make a real and engaging as possible, for a 2D side-scroller. You can strike in six total directions, with various combos depending if you crouch, stand, or jump. Blocking and dodging add to the overall variety of your combos allowing you to pull of some uniquely interesting and fun attacks.

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Parkour is something you wouldn’t expect too much from in a platformer, but Starsoft was dedicated to providing “a flurry of movement enhancements” to make things like jumping and running across the terrain as varied and thrilling as possible. You will be able to jump from different positions that will make your motion variety expansive and different, but wall-jumping, rolling, and dashes, along with a necessary double-jump, add to the already large array of motion and moves you will be able to pull off. Combine this with combat, and you will have a large number of attack combos at your disposal.

You don’t have to always rely on combat, as you will be able to get other fighters to join you through your actions. You can build a reputation to get followers to join or you can complete quests for other characters to get them as an ally. That’s not all, as you will also be caught in some heated debates/arguments where your words will also decide whether or not characters respond positively in your favor.

There is currently no set release date for Savior, but they launched a Kickstarter campaign about five months ago that appears to have reached its goal. You can follow that, or check out the Savior official site for more information. And don’t forget to add it to your Wishlist on Steam.

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