Indie Game Spotlight: ‘LUNA The Shadow Dust’ is an Indie Game Completely Drawn by Hand

Brought to life with visually stunning, hand-drawn animations, experience an emotional journey of courage and hope.

The award-winning LUNA The Shadow Dust was completely animated by hand, which is one fo the many reasons why we love it. This puzzle adventure game puts a boy and his companion in a magical world where they will explore, solve puzzles, and reflect on old memories.

The development team, Lantern Studio, is only four people. That’s right, four devs put this entire game together, and it is breathtakingly beautiful. The imagery and trailer are enough to show us why it’s award-winning.

Coming this February 13th to Steam, LUNA The Shadow Dust is a puzzle game that was inspired by “games of old”, where players will take control of two characters as they explore a mysterious reality of wonder in a 2D environment with beautiful hand-drawn cinematics.

Behind the shadow of reality, an enchanted world awaits illumination. Experience the magical journey of a young boy and his companion as they solve puzzles and trace back the memories of old, brought to life with visually stunning, wordless cinematics. Enter the ancient tower that stands at the edge of the world and discover the hand-drawn cinematics, intricate puzzles and haunting music of this indie gem.




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