HTC and Valve Bring us Virtual Reality in the form of Vive



Virtual Reality Gets a Unique Partnership…

[dropcap size=small]H[/dropcap]TC recently announced their own plans for Virtual reality headsets, which includes a partnership with Valve, two 1200 x 1080 displays refreshing at 90FPS, and a release date set for later this year – with the developer edition launching this spring.

We believe that virtual reality will totally transform the way that we interact with the world. Virtual reality will become a mainstream technology for the rest of the world,” – Peter Chou

The company promises a “significant presence” at the game developer’s conference next week, where the new headset will be available to demo. The displays are said to eliminate jitter, achieve “photorealistic imagery” and is the first VR headset to offer a “full room-scale experience, letting you get up, walk around and explore your virtual space, inspect objects from every angle and truly interact with your surroundings.”

The headset will work without the need of a controller, instead connecting to something called the Steam VR base station, which which allows the user to walk around a virtual 15 feet by 15 foot spaces.


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