E3 Open to Public This Year, Tickets Available This Monday

15,000 tickets have gone on sale for the price of $250.

[dropcap size=small]F[/dropcap]or the first time in E3 history the Electronic Entertainment Expo has been opened to the public. No doubt a move on E3’s part to generate even more revenue and increase the importance of the event in the video game industry, 15,000 individuals will now be able to experience the unveiling of new video games from companies like Bethesda and Square Enix.

The move will no doubt upset members of the press since attending E3 is a much-coveted event and certainly gives some bragging rights. However, entertainment companies will likely see this as a great away to advertise their new products to an even larger audience which ultimately increases the likelihood for more products to be sold. Overall, it is a smart move on E3’s part to do so and hopefully they will continue to do so for the next coming years.


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