Venom Spinoff Film announced by Sony, slated for 2018 release date

Peter Parker/Tom Holland may not even be involved in the film.

[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]n what appears to be a decision that was made without any consulting or support from Marvel, Sony plans to release a Venom film in the fall of next year. While it is no secret that Sony has been wanting to release a film surrounding Venom and his/its story, the studio never quite accomplished this goal.

News broke last year that Dante Harper was working on a script that would be the starting point of a franchise with Venom starring as the main character. However, since that news broke last year it appears the project stalled and nothing new became of it, possibly because of Sony’s focus on Spider-Man: Homecoming. Either way, it looks like Sony is fully committed to the project since they’ve announced a release date that is not that far off.

Since Marvel and Sony came into an agreement where Marvel could use Spider-Man in their own films whenever they’d like and Marvel aims to use Peter Parker furthermore into the future, there is a reason to believe that Peter Parker/Spider-Man will not be involved in the Venom film. Perhaps Sony aims to create a horror film of some kind, Venom is a creepy character and there is plenty of material the studio can go off of. Or, and this is the more likely option, the studio plans to create a franchise that follows chose the symbiote without Peter Parker ever becoming involved. Whatever Sony plans on doing, let’s hope that the studio doesn’t make the same mistakes that they made with Fantastic Four and other Marvel-based films from the past.

Venom hits theaters October 5, 2018.


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