Amidst Final Shape Talk, Leaker Reveals Bungie is Working on Destiny 3, Codename “Payback”

A leaker who called out the prismatic subclass back in February might have insight into D3.



Bungie, the renowned developer behind the popular Destiny franchise, astounded fans worldwide with groundbreaking revelations during their recent Final Shape livestream on Tuesday. Among the highlights were the introduction of a revolutionary Prismatic subclass, featuring the fusion of elemental abilities, and the unveiling of exotic class items designed to complement this new gameplay dimension. Notably, players were also introduced to the formidable Dread, marking the first entirely new enemy race in a decade within the Destiny universe.

The livestream commenced with Luke Smith, promising an expansive future for Destiny post the Final Shape event, while also hinting at larger ambitions for the Destiny franchise as a whole, despite recent challenges faced by the studio. Building anticipation, Smith’s remarks set the stage for what followed, leaving players eager for more and wondering about the possibility of Destiny 3 once the episodes post-Final Shape are concluded.

Remarkably, a prior leak on the Destiny2leaks subreddit, initially dismissed as speculative, proved to be uncannily accurate. Posted by an anonymous account in February, the leak hinted at a game-changing system named Prism, later revealed as the Prismatic subclass which combines two subclasses. The prescient comment highlighted Bungie’s innovative efforts to allow players to blend abilities from different subclasses, a feature that captivated audiences during the livestream and surprised many. Here is the full comment from the leaker from February:

“Anyone here know if prism has been leaked yet? Since there’s been no answer yet I guess I’ll leak it: Bungie is working on a system called prism that will allow players to mix and match abilities from different subclasses. This is one of the things being worked on during the delay. Imagine throwing a lightning grenade while on solar, or procing devour and rampaging with Stormcaller.”

After receiving the attention for their comment accuracy, this week the leaker returned to add further clarity on what little they claim to know about the supposed/alleged development of Destiny 3. Here is what they had to say:

“Destiny 3 is (was? idk) in development under code name payback. One of the big changes for Destiny 3 is (was, again idk) for classes to no longer exist and allow any character to spec into any ability since lore wise there is no reason you couldn’t (Hunters explicitly learned blink from Warlocks and blink isn’t tied to a single element, hence the logic there).”

Moreover, the leak tantalized Destiny enthusiasts with insights into potential future developments. Mentioning a project dubbed “Destiny 3” under the codename “Payback,” the leak suggested a radical departure from conventional class structures. If accurate, this revelation implies a significant paradigm shift, allowing characters to customize abilities without the constraints of traditional subclass limitations. However, other rumors making the rounds online suggest that Bungie has plans to incorporate all of Destiny 1 into Destiny 2 under a new name, possibly as simply as just “Destiny”.

Of course, take all of this with a grain of salt as there has not been any confirmation from Bungie on a sequel game or even any expansions to follow The Final Shape. All we know is that three “episodes” are planned after TFS, which will basically be three seasons stretched across a year’s span. Other rumors claim Bungie is looking to update their engine and that The Final Shape will be the last expansion for last generation consoles. Again, who knows if any of this is legit but considering the leaker called out Prism by name and was completely right, their comments on Destiny 3 do seem to have a little more validity to them. Further still, the leaker mentions that Destiny 3 may no longer be in development.

While details surrounding the timing and implementation of these transformative updates remain shrouded in mystery, speculation abounds within the Destiny community. Questions linger regarding whether these innovations will coincide with regular expansions or necessitate a hiatus in content production. However, with Destiny’s dedicated fanbase eagerly anticipating the evolution of the franchise, the prospect of Destiny 3 looms large on the horizon.

For any official updates and information, please visit Bungie’s official channels.

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