Leaked Trailer Reveals Cancelled Multiplayer Spider-Man Game: The Great Web

The game could have been something special, even as a potential live-service title.



In an unexpected turn of events, a leaked proof-of-concept trailer has surfaced for a game titled “Spider-Man: The Great Web,” shedding light on what could have been an ambitious venture into the multiplayer realm by Insomniac Games on behalf of Sony.

The trailer showcases a polished glimpse into the potential of the game, featuring a five-person co-op experience centered around traversing a multiverse unleashed by Scarlet Witch, while battling against the infamous Sinister Six.

However, closer examination reveals that much of the footage comprises assets from the in-engine Spider-Man 2 game, incorporating elements such as the 2099 and Ben Riley suits already present in the game, alongside additions like multiverse portals and Spider-Gwen.

Despite the uncertainties surrounding its viability in the live-service space, the concept has garnered significant attention online, with many expressing excitement at the prospect of experiencing such a game.

This leak comes at a time when live-service games are facing increasing scrutiny due to numerous failures and setbacks in recent months. Sony’s apparent lack of confidence in projects like “The Great Web” suggests a broader trend, reflecting doubts even within the gaming giant’s own portfolio.

Notably, the recent release of “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” has received mixed reviews and disappointingly low player counts, raising concerns about the fate of such titles in an already saturated market.

Comparatively, the idea of a multiversal adventure featuring various iterations of Spider-Man teaming up against iconic villains like the Sinister Six appears to offer a more compelling experience than recent offerings from franchises like “Avengers” and “Suicide Squad.”

“Spider-Man: The Great Web” now joins the ranks of cancelled projects at Sony, further adding to speculation about the company’s strategic direction in the gaming industry. While the specifics of its cancellation remain unclear, it’s evident that Sony chose not to pursue this ambitious vision any further.

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