V Jump Reveals NEW DBZ Film Coming 2015!!


As if all the stuff we have been posting lately about Dragon Ball Z was not enough; from Robot Underdog’s Light of Hope Project, to K&K Productions’ Saiyan and Frieza Saga Trailers, now, it appears we have the biggest news of all…


The Anime News Network has shared that the upcoming September issue of V Jump magazine will contain details as well as an interview with Akira Toriyama on his next planned DBZ project; a film set to release in 2015. The details regarding this subject are likely kept between a select few, but magazines often require a lot of prep in advance before publishing an article or story on something. In this case, it is likely that series creator Akira Toriyama shared some small teasers and tidbits for what he has in store for DBZ fans.

According to ANN’s article, Toriyama shares in this issue of V Jump that the story will be new, much like the recent Battle of Gods focused on new characters and an all new story canon to the manga and anime. For those who have not kept themselves in the “know” about Battle of Gods, it introduces a whole new storyline as well as some new characters that expand on the gods of the universe. So there is a lot of different directions this movie’s story could go. Whether or not this will be the case in the new movie, we will just have to wait and see. Though Toriyama says himself that he will be putting attention to this project like never before to ensure the dialogue, art styles, and story are of the highest of quality and even goes as far as saying that the story, while currently secret, will be “utterly funny”.

Toriyama apparently shares in V Jump that whatever this story he has in his mind, was set to be a part of the original manga but was left out for some reason. This is perhaps the most exciting bit besides the news of getting a movie!

More information should be available this Saturday from Shueisha’s V Jump Magazine, as that is the planned date of the official announcement. In the meantime while we wait, take a look below at the cover of the issue revealing this exciting news.


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