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This afternoon, we were able to spend some quality time and Skype Chat with Harry Kirby (no, not that Kirby), the director of K&K Productions Dragon Ball Z: Saiyan Saga short video, among many other things.

Pictured above, NOT Harry Kirby.
Pictured, not Harry Kirby.

Harry has been a good friend of ours for quite some time, and a Dragon Ball Z fan for even longer. Since it just so happens that the GO staff are also fans, we figured this would be a good time to ask him a few questions about the process of creating something so epic from the ground up. Even if you aren’t a DBZ fan, it’s worth noting that the idea of creating something of this magnitude is impressive.

Of course, it’s worth mentioning that Dragon Ball Z has had a few different iterations on the big screen, most notably, Dragon Ball Evolution, a train wreck and a DBZ fanboy’s worst nightmare. But fear not! As fans of the original manga and anime, the guys over at K&K definitely know what they’re doing, and it shows in their devotion and passion to the source material.

You may recognize that K&K aren’t the only ones interested in a Dragon Ball live-action project; though there is a difference between what K&K is working on and what our other friends over at Robot Underdog are working on. RU is putting together a web series based on the side story/prequel/sequel/spin-off of The History of Trunks, and while that is notable and equally as cool, K&K has their eyes set on the primary and mainstream story lines.

Harry and I talked for well over an hour, but this is the trim version. Even then, it’s just a bit over 30 minutes of video.


Check Out Our Interview Here:

DBZ: The Frieza Saga Teaser Trailer:


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