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Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers Join Dead by Daylight as Survivors with Killer Albert Wesker

Dead by Daylight's next Resident Evil crossover event will feature some additional fan favorites in "Project W".

Attack on Titan is Coming to Dead by Daylight

We hope this crossover event is not just cosmetic.

Leon, Jill, and Nemesis Revealed for Upcoming Dead By Daylight DLC this June

From the ravaged streets of Raccoon City to the black Fog of the Entity’s Realm. The hunt is on…

Silent Hill’s ‘Pyramid Head’ and Cheryl Mason Join Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a unique game among the horror genre that continues to impress us with its insane licensing partnerships. From Michael Myers...

Dead By Daylight | Stranger Things – Demogorgon as the Killer, Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington as New Survivors

Netflix's powerhouse series, Stranger Things first made its major videogame debut in Epic Games' Fortnite crossover event, where players could suit up in a...

Halloween’s Michael Myers is the new Playable Killer in ‘Dead by Daylight’ DLC

Austin Powers/the voice of Shrek joins the survival horror game! Wait a minute... Happy Halloween everyone! Perhaps there's no better way to celebrate this lovely holiday...


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