Alan Wake is the Newest Survivor in Dead By Daylight, Coming January 30th

Alan Wake joins the survivors in Dead By Daylight with an all new story and voice lines.



January 30th marks a chilling turning point for Dead by Daylight enthusiasts as the nightmarish reality unfolds with the arrival of Alan Wake as the game’s newest Survivor.

“As I searched for a way out, memories of a script I wrote for Night Springs about a fog-engulfed place flooded back. Surrounded by the same fog, I became a pawn—trapped. I must find a way out. Rewriting that script is key.”
– Alan Wake, Lost Manuscript

The collaborative effort between Remedy Entertainment and Behaviour Interactive invites players to immerse themselves in the harrowing world of this troubled writer. Trapped in the Dark Place and desperately fighting to escape, Alan’s attempt to write his freedom leads him into The Entity’s thralls, trading one ominous realm for another.

True to the essence of Alan Wake, actors Ilkka Villi and Matthew Porretta lend both their likeness and voice to Dead by Daylight’s Alan Wake Chapter. As players navigate the treacherous terrain of The Fog, they’ll be greeted by brand-new, original voice lines, adding an extra layer of depth to Alan Wake’s confrontation with his latest deadly challenge. The Dead by Daylight Alan Wake Chapter also introduces the Lights Out Modifier, a limited-time terror layer that strategically strips players of key tools. This intriguing adjustment promises a unique and exhilarating experience in the weeks to come.

Set to arrive on all supported platforms on January 30th, the Dead by Daylight Alan Wake Chapter has generated palpable excitement among fans. For those unable to contain their anticipation, the chance to experience Alan Wake is available in Dead by Daylight’s time-limited public test-build on Steam now. As the fog thickens and the suspense heightens, players brace themselves for a riveting journey into the heart of darkness, where survival hangs in the balance and the horrors of The Entity await.

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