Dead by Daylight’s Latest Crossover brings Xenomorph form Alien

The suffocating silence of outer space pushes resolve beyond its limits.



Dead by Daylight is bringing Alien into the fold as its next major crossover with the Xenomorph lined up as the next killer. It seems as though a space station may play a pivotal role as a new map/arena with no official word on survivors. But we can think of a few…

Take a look at the teaser trailer with more set to be revealed next week on August 8th.

Dead By Daylight is known for having almost every major killer and horror icon in the business among its lineup of playable killers. Ghostface, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Demogorgon, and many others are playable with the Xenomorph being the next to join them.

The teaser video above, if you saw it, expresses that August 8th is the date for more details on the nature of the full reveal, presumably with at least one new survivor, a playable arena setting, and a handful of new perks along with it.

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